Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honoring My Father

I would much rather remain in the back of the room quietly watching and listening and learning.  Because I think that’s where I come from.  But I step forward today to tell you….honoring my Father

By me, Sharon Tomlinson

I Come From parents of the depression.
I am a baby boomer.
I come from poor middle class although I didn‘t know it.
I am frugal.
I come from a Father who always had extra jobs.
And taught me to measure twice and cut once.
I am a carpenter.
I come from a stay at home Mother
Who taught me to sew, cook, clean, and play with baby dolls.
I am a Wife and Mother.
I come from a Father who thought I could do anything
And taught me that I could.
I am a dreamer. 
I come from peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Polly Pop
Fried potato sandwiches and 
Home made fudge on Sunday afternoons.
I come from hide and go seek and chasing fireflies after dark.
I come from climbing trees, swimming in the stock tank and
Driving a tractor before a car.
I come from riding bicycles on gravel roads.
Push mowers and cloth lines.
I come from sadness and grief from sister loss 
Not once but twice.
I come with guilt.
I come with two brothers. 
I come from Sunday dinners at Granny’s with fried chicken
Corn on the cob
Fried okra
Hot rolls and chocolate cake with powdered sugar frosting.
I come from peach tree switches.
I am good.
I come from honesty. 
I come from Love.
I  am loved.


  1. No wonder you are such a beautiful person.


  2. You clearly come from a beautiful place... I so wish I could say the same.

  3. Those arae the things that seem normal in my normal and we each have our own.

    I bet that you also came from "you fix up what you have and not buy new" I have always thought that was a great skill.

    This is lovely prose, these words said about someone has such value to the heart.

    I must remember to say things in this vein so they can be heard and felt.

  4. this is sooo beautiful, sharon....and i, myself, can relate to every bit of it.... life was so different and pure when i was a child.... i miss it....

  5. what a wonderful tribute to not only your dad but your heritage - we need to honour those that have gone before us - living in Africa I'm lucky to be reminded of this often.

  6. Oh and how much I miss all that. The simple times and the strong loving arms of my Papa
    He was the best dad in the world.
    Hugs. Amy

  7. Beautiful! Clearly a walk down memory lane for me! Those were the days of simplicity! Not a bad thing even though I adore technology!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. This is my first time here and I am so deeply touched by your poem. I came from the same era so much of this rings true for me. I had a father who didn't have a clue how to "father." as much of our generation, but I am blessed with a great fil and a fabulous husband. Thank you for stepping out from the back of the room. You really enriched my day.

  9. what a lovely way to honor your father. beautifully written.

  10. O'Sharon,
    That was soooooooooo "to the point".. and
    I could echo those words clearly!

    Peanut butter and banana sandwich's are still my favorite.

    You can see all the "adventure" through your paintings.
    Thank you for this, it is truly very special!

  11. Hi Norah,
    This post is really touching.
    Thank you for sharing a bit more of yourself.
    Creative hugs,

  12. What a wonderful post. You come from many things I'm familiar with also. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. As a baby boomer myself...I come from many of the identical places you come from...great post...reminds of a less complicated world.

  14. I love this, Sharon. I feel like I know you.

  15. That was fabulous. Nothing more to say.

  16. Love your "I Come From" and added it to our family's sagas... Don't ever forget that you are loved - especially from your Tucson family :)

  17. So beautifully said. It takes me back to those younger days of growing up in the South. Oh yes, peach tree switches. My grandmother always said the best switch was very thin and flexible. Oh, and she also made great fried chicken, biscuits with cream gravy, and peach cobbler.