Saturday, June 04, 2011

Today's Mission

My Big Mission today is to spend hours and hours on the think-tank outside going around and around after spending a couple of hours with that nifty weed-eater.

My mission for showing you this is:

  • a stalling tactic for the Big Mission
  • to show you what I am doing at this moment because I gave myself a little time to feed my soul
  • to show a little progress on this painting
  • to inspire you to get your dip pen out
  • to show that I'm using a lot of gold on this painting
  • to say hello
  • and thank you


  1. Hi Sharon... Are you using the Lumiere paint with the dip pen? Do you dilute the paint at all? I never thought of doing this; it looks great!

  2. I haven't seen Lumiere used with a dip pen either! Very interesting.

  3. hi sharon....i love the dvd is great for us with limited bandwidth to have a dvd to watch as often as we want.....i just got around to ordering mine...hugs

  4. Hello this Sunday morning. Looks like you are busy trying new things. You are so productive.

    Have fun on the think tank.