Sunday, September 04, 2011

About Summer Break and Making The Plan

My summer break is over.  And I didn't even realize I was on one until last week after my friend Zorana was gone.

I have accomplished a lot this summer but in reflection, I realized I have sort of been on an ART summer break.

I have stayed in-the-moment through this summer just doing exactly what I wanted to do and not doing anything I didn't want to do, in-the-moment.  For example, my bedroom got a makeover and that has been on my to do list since....forever.  Also, I made huge progress on Tim's Cloth and even set up a separate blog to document the process.  I renewed my passion for the Garden Palace while getting ready for Zorana's visit.  I revived my love of gardening somewhat.  And best of all, I had summer company.  One of the two sweetest brothers ever, as well as, one of the sweetest bloggers ever came for a visit. I've also enjoyed Sunday evening dinners with my kids.  AND I did in fact paint a beautiful canvas, The Tree of Life, that is intended for an Etsy listing.

I've had a great summer break.  One of the things Zorana and I talked about was the fact that if you want to accomplish something, you really really must have a plan.  The Plan should be written.  Otherwise, it is not a plan and will most likely not occur the way you have day dreamed it.

So while she was here, we talked about my plan.  The end of my summer break coincides with the start date on my plan which is this 3 day holiday weekend.  The first thing on my plan is to make twelve pendants for an Etsy listing, similar to the ones she and I made.

I'm on-target with my plan and presenting you yesterdays progression shots.  Now, I'm off to continue working on The Plan.
♥ Sharon


  1. wow have really had a busy summer "vacation"....loving all of your pendents...looks like a lot of hours there....i need to make a plan as you suggest and it should include using all those supplies i bought for the towers class....thank you for sharing, sharon....i adore your art....

  2. Oh I love the results of your PLAN, and the very idea of it. I have many, many 'plans' and do gradually work my way through some of them - and do you know, I make PLANS of PLANS - lists everywhere. Tags like you made are useful for plans, for you can hang them on a cork pinboard and move them around. Thanks for sharing; I do so admire your work.

  3. Planning is probably my worst trait. I have good ideas but my follow through fizzles out. I should take your advice and write out a plan and see if that helps me. You always seem to accomplish so much....and it's all beautiful.

  4. Sharon, if that is a "vacation" then I really don't want to see what you have to do at that job in town!!!

    Your summer sounds like a wonderful and refreshing "holiday" and I am envious.

    I love the idea of a written plan--I think I will have to sit down later today and get serious about writing one for myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What is the big plan Sharon? I am not good at plans just waiting for others to have the plan I may enjoy! Any workshops coming up? Hugs

  6. Good for you!
    Must feel good to be on target and be so productive!

    I'm happy for you and eager to see what you have planned next!