Monday, September 19, 2011

New and Old and Random Business

New Business
Sorry for the poor photo quality.
I'm still limping along without my good camera.
I'm finding the large journal very hard to get good pics of.  I'm hoping it is the camera.
I used a lot of collage papers on both pages and the dried seaweed is also collage.

Old Business
The winner of Friday's First Print Giveaway is: 

Cathy Bueti said...
Sharonn I love this print!! So beautiful!! and I am a big fan of Project Runway too, haven't seen last nights episode yet but I know what you mean about the designers this season. Still hoping one of them jumps out at me to root for! lol
 I think this would look lovely on fabric!

Thanks to everyone who played my giveaway game.  I ♥ and appreciate all of you!

Random Business

 (1)  If you guessed that I was the third one over in the fifth line down in the Class of '62.......that's me!
My high school sweetheart was in the class of '61 so he's not in the pic.  He was Mr LHS of that year as well as the president of his class and one hot center on the football team. 
And I Got Him!!!! 
The dinner was lovely even though not many there from our age groups.  It was fun to catch up with those who were there.

(2)  Have you noticed what blogger is doing now when you click on a picture?   I don't necessarily like it simply because it opens all the pictures in the post instead of just the one you want to see. That's all well and good if I'm here at this desk-in-town. The desk at home is on slower than fast and faster than slow internet and I'm too impatient to wait for all the pictures to load.
Well, I just don't like that. 
I think I should tell them so.

Meeting adjourned.


  1. These are so beautiful Norah. I love the first one especially.
    Hugs and blessings

  2. Yay, I picked your picture right!

    Love these paintings!

  3. OH!! Those journal pages are exquisite! I love love love them both! The 1st one is simply outstanding!

  4. I'm in love with the middle picture of the three! I think ALL of your faces are wonderful, but this, this one is, IMHO, the best work so far! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. i don't like the new blogger thing either.
    i love your paintings and i love the 'random business'.
    mad sweet awesome randomness.

  6. see... I WAS RIGHT!!!
    I did guess who you were!

  7. Beautiful work, dreamy light - the second painting speaks to me, I love the hazy feeling, the ethereally emotions it stirs - wonderful stuff.

  8. I am sorry I missed the giveaway, I guess I was too busy tidying up my blog. I have nearly finished so shall pop ij a bit more often! I just adore the sencond journal entry. Gorgeous!!!
    Hugs ManonX

  9. I have been here several times, the first time I was overcome, my husband and I had been talking about how beautiful a pasture of sheep are, or at least I was and he was listening. A neighbor had sheep, the pasture was always full of these clumps of small white flowers along with the grazing sheep, just a sight to behold. then to see this beautiful face with the flock of sheep was just the best. She is so beautiful and the merging of everything is this painting make it really glorius.

    I am not gushing just talking from the heart.

    That seaweed is an exceptional addition.

    One thing about the new blogger thing is the enlargements are beautiful when one clicks on the little white writing on the right, but who can read that writing, it is like a pill bottle.

  10. I noticed the weird blogger thing tonight. Not sure I like it. I did see that you can click on the little link to the left and the picture will be larger. I love your new paintings...beautiful as always! xoxo

  11. LOVE these...and thanks for clearing up the confusion about why we have a new way to click on the photos...I hated it too....I don't see that well on my screen and like to see them larger....glorious!!! Thanks...I probably need new glasses too!!