Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Faces In Collage - Me

Me in Collage
Yesterday, I wanted a new profile pic.  I'm finally getting OK with taking my own picture, droopy eyes and all.  I recently discovered my bathroom is a great place to do this.  Good light.

I could be the last one to figure this out but here is how I do it.  Maybe you can tell I'm holding the camera.  Well, I'm sitting in front of a big mirror and I'm holding the camera lens facing me.  I can see the camera view screen in the mirror and I can see when I'm in the right position and have an OK facial expression and my double chin is stretched and I can't do anything about the baggy, droopy eyes.  Then, without moving anything but my eyes, I either look straight into the lens or away.  And snap.

I have even videoed myself...........this way.....
I'll share.


  1. Sharon i love this...and you know you have us all hanging on what you were about to say then decided not to! :)

    these photos are wonderful of you!!

  2. when you smile? the brightest highlights shine out...my dad used to say 'wrinkles are only where smiles have been so remember all the laughs when you look at your older self' ...you have a beautiful face, sharon

  3. You are such a cutie-pie! I wish I could get to know you in person!

  4. Sharon.. you just crack me up!!
    Love you when you are smiling..
    love ya Sharon. We thank God for you! ♥ Darlene

  5. The best smile is the one you wear at the end of the video. I studied each of your collage faces so carefully.

    I want to paint your face! There is something about it that makes me just want to. But I don't see that light I need. I see the beautiful, funny face, but if only there was some interesting light hitting it...aahhh then the paintbrush would fly!

    Don't ya just hate it when some one starts to tell ya something, then says they aren't gonna? Drives ya crazy, doesn't it?!

  6. Well how can I learn so much in one day, my daughter just left she was here helping me with a new cell phone which I need to know how to use in a couple weeks. Now to try this camera trick.
    You did great smiles and looks for the camera so pretty.

  7. Ok... so just what is it that you can not handle and would not tell us...??? HUM?

    Your video made me chuckle because you are just so disarmingly adorable!

  8. Were you ever able to get your copper pipe?


  9. Love the multitasking....brought it to a new level methinks...heehee!

  10. You have the cheekiest face I've seen in a long time, its full of humour, intelligence, and wisdom, I'm only sorry I can't get to know you in person. Much Love

  11. Love your collages... I'll have to take the class one of these days. By-the-way... you are beautiful! Funny... I usually take my self photos in the bathroom too... I'll have to try your technique of looking at the mirror through the view finder! Mine are usually hit or miss... mostly miss!

  12. I've said it before to other women- don't waste your breath telling me about your imperfections. I don't see you the way you do. I'm an artist and I see you with artist's eyes. You are beautiful.