Saturday, November 05, 2011

Feeling Gratitude

silly me profile pic today
Today, I'm feeling gratitude. I am so full up to the top grateful for the excited group of kindred sister spirits who have gathered to enjoy my new class, Faces In Collage.

I'm already getting great reviews after the first group of videos.  Like this one from Kate,
Sharon, I am so happy I am taking this workshop! So often I never know where to start and I can see the magic in this process. I am getting ready to go over my stash. My husband always teases me about all my loose magazine images. He just doesn't get it! Happy, happy I am in this class!
".....I can see the magic...."  that's my favorite part.  Because it does feel like magic!
Thank you Kate and thank you to all of my students. And thank you to all of my blog followers too.  I am so grateful for all of you.


  1. I think we're all grateful to you for doing such fun classes. And for sharing the magic with us.

  2. I am LOVING this workshop Sharon!

  3. It really is such great fun, the beginnings have been very helpful at getting the things together for the assignments. Really working on that. Worked on that off and on during this Nov. Saturday.
    Your classes have fun preparation.

  4. I love today's profile photo! I can hardly wait to see what we all make during this class. It's been too long since my fingers were all gluey.