Thursday, November 03, 2011


this is me today. it's a crop from a
larger piece.  I call the crop
"big mouth"
I'm already having so much fun at the workshop, Faces In Collage. And class hasn't even started yet. 

If you are as confused as I have been, you will be glad to know that the Start Date is TOMORROW!  It seems that I have posted conflicting dates and my wonderful students set me straight.

Yes, we are already busy talking and interacting.  And that is the fun I'm having.  Each morning, I have been adding a little early morning audio just for fun.  And I have been changing my profile pic each day. More fun.

If you haven't already joined me, I hope you will. OK, I'm going to ask. Will you join me where "images inspire the story"?
♥ Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon...I just rolled out of bed (I work 2nd shift) and this face of yours was the first thing I saw when I signed into my dashboard. I love it! So fitting for how I feel this morning...a bit tired.. a little headache (I don't normally sleep this late, so probably caffeine withdrawal ha ha)...but I'm up and sort of at 'em.

    Your art is so amazing. I hope to take your classes one day. You offer so many great classes! Are they downloadable classes, so that the student gets to keep them always to refer to?

  2. I'm all signed up and ready to go! Tomorrow can't get here soon enough for me!

  3. How does one purchase as a gift for someone else? Do you offer gift certificates?