Saturday, November 26, 2011

Student Showcase

Faces In Collage
Images Inspire the Story

Do you believe this amazing student ART?  Oh my!  And there is more.

I have added a special "Classroom"  for those of who may feel like they are not ready for the "Gallery".   This classroom is a place to share works in progress at any stage and ask specific or general questions.

It is a place where no talking is allowed except by the Artist and Teacher.

An example:

Hello Malinda, First of all, I don't know why you feel a struggle with acrylics because It certainly doesn't show here. You have created a powerful and dramatic story with these images.
♥She is mysterious.  And I think the juxtaposition of her with her swans is very interesting.  In the moonlight, they are "black" swans....sorta like her.  I think you might define the swans right where the body is touching the water with a very tiny tiny hint of a white (irregular) line.  In other words, separate them from their shadow. It is like a little reflected light at their edge.
♥The mystery of where she is continues and we are wondering, if that is a window to her world.  I think you could give the bars a hint of being a window with a dark line at the bottom of the bar where it connects to the horizontal bar.   And then a miter/diagonal line at the corner.  That would be enough but if you wanted to carry it a little further, load your brush with a very very light load of paynes gray and run a very tiny stripe of it on the left side of each bar and along the inside bottom bar. It will add a little depth to the flat bars.
♥I like the drama of this piece.  I like that she doesn't look like Jennifer and I would not have known if you hadn't told us. I like love her green eyes. And her voluptuous lips.
♥The limited color palette works wonderful.  I can see just a hint of her lip color in the cityscape of her world and I wonder how maybe a few more tiny dots of that would work.  I wonder if it would be like markers on a map. Part of the mystery.
You have created a wonderful story with the few images you chose.  Next time we want to see the "before".
When you feel like you are all done, please do show in the Gallery because this piece makes us want to respond to it. That is what ART should do.
Hello Students, just wanted to remind you that this is the Classroom where no talking is allowed.  Just watch over our shoulder and then when the piece is finished, the artist will post in the Gallery where talking, shouting, clapping and jumping up and down is most certainly allowed, appreciated and encouraged. ♥
Her response:
Oh Sharon! My husband is laughing at me now because I am crying tears of joy! I never imagined you would find it a powerful and mysterious piece, even though my husband had told me the same thing and his usually pretty honest.
What he can't give me is all of your  very detailed and thoughtful feedback. You look at EVERY aspect of the piece and then give suggestions. I really do love your way of teaching ; ) and I am going to add those touches you've suggested. Wonderful suggestions, each one of them made me think, huh, I should have thought about that! Thank you for doing the heavy thinking for us ; ) And thank you for your compliments, that should keep me on another cloud for a couple of days at least!!
And yes, I'm disappointed too that I don't have the before shot, that's half the fun. I won't make that mistake again.
Warmest regards and hope your coffee was perfect this a.m. I'm sipping mine as I type from my bed with my MARTHA STEWART magazines that just came in the mail while I was responding. Now I can find cool things like bowls of lemons and stuff ; )
With much warmth, Malinda

Now, I'm going to finish a masterpiece. I'm having a great 4 day weekend!


  1. How absolutely creative and fabulous! Great job, all of them!

  2. All of these student pieces are looking great, Sharon! You are guiding them along where they needed to go with a loving touch it sounds.

    I would really enjoy seeing Malinda's art when she is finished! It sounds like she is really working hard on it and having FUN!And the piece sounds wonderful. I'm sure Malinda will have a blast following your suggestions and letting the mystery continue to unfold.

    Sounds like the class is a blast as usual!Love to you and all your gals! Are they my art cousins twice removed by now?!

  3. each piece is wonderful! they must all be proud of their art.

  4. What an adventure these pieces...and the artist goes on when completeing these works...

    Such transformations!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic idea and such beautiful paintings! I must go and try!