Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Barnen Stuga

Between Two Hearts
is the name of this stained glass window. My baby brother built a Barnen Stuga for his three kids in Arizona. Since I put stained glass windows in my playhouse, I insisted that their playhouse had to have one also. I made the window last summer here in Texas and shipped it to Arizona for him to install. The above view is from the inside looking out. And this view is from the outside. The design was spontaneous and was meant to represent the scribbles that I use to do as a child and then color each resulting space with a different color. Do kids still do that? Well as always with me the window took on a life of it own while in progress. "Between Two Hearts" is about a family that lives in Arizona. The five green jewels between the two hearts represents mother, father, and three kids. Each child is represented in the piece. Andy, the only one born in Texas and being born on Davy Crockett's birthday is represented by the swath across the middle from side to side that reminded me of a coon skin hat. Our Mother was a Crockett and we connect with David Crockett six or more generations back. So Andy is very proud to have been born on his birthday.
Linnea is represented by the beautiful delicate sea shell in the bottom corner. And Aubrey is the little sunshine that lights up any room she is in. There is the Brazos River winding through it which represent my Brother who was born in Texas and a bit of dessert and mountains for my Sis-in-law and Arizona. The big purple teardrop on its side at the top....well that's me...I miss them so much.
This is the Barnen Stuga in progress in the fall of 2004. Andy with friend is under it and Linnea and Aubrey are the cuties above.


  1. Oh this is SUCH a lovely post Norah. The stained glass is glorious but add to it your beautiful story of two families who share so much love. So touching. I've discovered that while the miles between me and my loved ones causes my tender heart to ache, it also magnifies the love I feel for them and I, in turn, am so deeply loved by them. Life's funny that way! :-)

  2. What a stunning window! I should say windows, because I looked at the playhouse ones too. Your work is fabulous!

    I used to do stained glass too. There's nothing like a s-glass window to transform a space :)