Sunday, June 11, 2006

Book of Dreams......Fabric

Oh what fun fabric is. I guess that stands to reason since I have been working with fabric since I was in 7th grade and my Daddy challenged me to sew for myself. Mother was teaching me and we were poorer that church mice but I didn't know it. Daddy told me that if I could sew for myself, he would provide all the fabric. And I did. And he did.
So, here is what I did for this challenge. Being an impatient person and not having a scanner here at home to scan the 1968 Polaroid above, (I work between office and home) I used my digital camera and took a photo of the photo. Here is a hint for you if you worry that the fabric will get caught in the printer. I did the trial and error thing with several different pictures and different types of fabric. I used and easy tack repositionable spray adhesive on a piece of paper. Then I positioned the fabric of choice on the paper and cut the fabric to fit after positioning it on the paper. That worked but I noticed that each time the piece came through the printer the very top of the fabric had rolled down a little off of the paper. Now here is the hint. I machine stitched with long stitches along the very top leading edge of the paper/fabric. It worked. After printing, I carefully removed the stitches because the same paper can be reused over and over again.
I had fun with the freestyle stitching. I used fabric and ribbons for the whole page spread except the paper butterfly and of course I have noticed that I just must paint something on each page. I used Golden Fluid Acrylics to color the little stamped flowers.
I have another fabric page in process and am pulled between working on it or going outside and washing windows and pulling weeds and trimming hedges and weed whacking and sweeping out the garage and and and ......have a great Sunday. I'll let you know what I decided and oh by the way, I did the 4.5 hours on the riding mower yesterday.

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  1. I love this one too. You do wonderful work with fabric. Very inspiring!!