Sunday, June 11, 2006

Book of Dreams......Week 7...Fabric

This is a follow-up page to the first post today. Another fabric page using 1968 black and white polaroids copied with digital and then printed on fabric.
I really liked the weaving that ArtsyMama did on her tutorial page so I decided to do that on this page which led me to weaving the basket with ribbon as well.
The basket represents the recurring dream and the pictures were taken on the "doorstep" in the dream. Isn't it interesting how it all comes back together today, the eve of his 38th birthday.
Well the day isn't over but I did ART instead of yard. It is so very hot out there today. A real Texas summer day.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE IT!! The pictures on fabric looks wonderful. I love the colors on the background fabric and your basket is wonderfully unique. Great work!!!!

  2. BTW- I can't find an email for you. Could you email me at

  3. These pages are great! You are so creative. I love the colour scheme, works well with the age of the photos.

    Thanks for the fabric printing tips

    Love the story about your Dad buying you fabric :)