Friday, June 02, 2006

Corners Of My Home

As a new blogger and loving the "show and tell" part, I have decided to share some art that I have enjoyed doing in the passions come and go.

I remembered this little china painted teapot set while reading Nina's post about the near catastrophe of her "sweet little teapot".

In 1983 I was into making original porcelain dolls and I momentarily "dinged off" to china painting. "Dinged off" is my DH's term. I just recognize it as a POD. Passion of the Day.

When I finished china painting this little set, I carelessly put it into a paper bag to tote off to my friends house for show and tell. My daughter who was about 12 at the time was helping me unload the car and didn't realize what was in the bag and well....the bottom piece is glued back together. It doesn't show as it is on the back side. And there it sits in a little corner of my home.

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  1. Growing up afternoon tea was a big part of our daily life, alas it's a lost art. :(
    Luv the teapot,