Friday, March 09, 2007

Calendar Doodle for the week

A glorious Friday! Don't you think?
Well, you can see I was very busy this week with appointments, phone calls, things to remember etc... ;0 ) Therefore, I'm showing you the whole page to prove it....;0 )
I put the finishing touches on this this morning. That would be the part of the page that I actually gave thought to. It made sense to me to add the hands from today's newspaper but I really can't tell you why because I don't know. Then I added the border along the side with a homemade stamp. Seemed perfect to me.
If you don't doodle, you really should. Doodle means "to draw aimlessly". Yesterday while I was drawing aimlessly, I realized how relaxing this exercise was. Just let your pencil, pen, crayons flow over the page without expecting any end results. Make marks and follow them. Everything you do does not have to be ART. But it might surprise you when you finish and like it.
More later,
I hope you try it and then let me know so I can come see your doodle. Oh yes, I really really love it when you have things to say about my doodle.


  1. Your doddles sure are ART!
    Beautiful and what a busy week you've had!
    Have a challenge going on and hope you will participate!

  2. nifty doodling. and they are paths that lead to new places.

  3. I'm really digging those doodle flowers.

  4. I love your calendar doodles! And Hurray for spring in Texas. I've been doing my happy dance these past few days just because of the weather here. I love Texas!!

  5. Is this a new "doodle-a-day" theme! What an idea! Even a week at a time, filling up 52 for the year! I've got to buy me a weekly calendar! I love it!

    I doodle all the time, but not organized doodling, like my life I guess, unorganized squiggles. lol.