Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Company

She is another step closer. It's Lady Jane here today for your visit. I sure hope I get to work on her today but if I do, it will be late.

I really did get time on my "think tank" yesterday. However, not until after 4 o'clock. It had a major problem and all I can say is thank goodness I have "a man around the house". He doesn't do windows. He doesn't do the weed-eater. He doesn't do flower beds, hedges, or raking. He doesn't do the think tank. But, he does do repairs. And he did. Oh yes, he does grow a garden with wonderful vegetables. It's just another example of "function" (him) and "beauty" (me).

Before starting that trip around and around and around I managed to start cleaning a flower bed. That was while the tank was getting and new what-cha-ma-call-it. Then, I started. Let the thinking begin!

On the first trip around the house, I was thinking, I need to measure these flower beds just to see how many feet of beds I have. I was thinking, you might like to know. Then I got around to the back corner and I was thinking, I sure need to limb up that crepe myrtle and get that dang trash tree out of the bed. The next trip around I was thinking I need to call my friend Sharon who moved down the road and tell her to come for the Rose of Sharon plants. I was thinking it was pretty cool for Sharon (me) to give Sharon (her) and Rose of Sharon. I was thinking what a neat "pass-along" plant.

I was thinking that the high winds we had not long ago did a pretty good job of blowing the leaves away. Then I passed by the big pass-along garden and noticed they were all right there. Whew, look at that red bird nest in the bird feeder. I think I will take a picture of that. I know you would like to see that. I think.

I was thinking, I sure need to refill the other feeders and it's time for the hummingbirds. I think I need to service there station. Oh my gosh, I think I need to get busy with these beds. I can sure tell they were neglected last year when I rediscovered ART. About this time I looked back and thought, "good grief, just like magic, this part of the yard is looking so pretty and almost done".

Then I passed the patios and thought I need to give all that furniture and new coat of spray paint. I think I will put that on my list. Oh, look at the Klimt garden. The benches need a good wipe down and another coat of polyurethane. I try to do that each year; however, I think I missed last year.....ART.

Well I have run out of time for today but as you can see, I get a lot of thinking done.
More later,


  1. Lady Jane is looking wonderful!

  2. OOOH! She's gorgeous!
    I was away for the weekend and am going to have to go back and check the progress of this beauty on your previous posts.
    Can't wait to see the journey Lady Jane takes through your ART.
    Have a great week!

  3. Lady Jane is beautiful and how many yards of beds do you have? I have exactly 4.

  4. oh, my!!! She is beautiful!! She has such a reflective and serene look on her face. I can't wait to see what you do. Loving the description of your trips around the yard...although how you have the time to garden and create...WOW!!! smiles...

  5. Lady Jane is just beautiful!!
    Wow that garden really is a think tank isn't it? I so don't have the gardening gene but I LOVE looking at them and hearing about them. I haven't a clue as to what should be planted where - what grows best in this area etc. Sad really because I know what I'd like the end result to be.
    I do need to get the bird feeders out - we have a dying orange tree so I am going to make it into a bird B&B! lol!
    I can't wait to see what you do with Lady Jane.

  6. This is fantastic! AND I LOVE the words! I need wings like that! lol