Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Late I'm Late

To Artsymama's International Tea Party.
She has invited you too so go have some tea by just clicking here.
I didn't think I would be able to make it to the party. Well, I just popped in this morning and they were having so much fun that I wanted to play to. The above is a page is from my altered book that I did last year listing all the things I love. I thought it was pretty cool that my list had "hot tea with lemon and spring and summer" This being the first day of spring and all.
I recently spent some time "trying" to photograph my collection of tea cups for a project and so I put together this little story board to show you. Sorry, the colors are not true. These really are beautiful and I cherish them because they were my Aunts'.
Hope you will join the tea party. They are having great fun. When you get there you will discover why.
More later,


  1. So precious collection! Its nice seeing you at the party!
    Happy Spring Sharon...and happy Spring to Norah too!

  2. Such lovely teacups and having the little note to explain where a treasure came from is so cool.
    Happy tea party and happy Spring to you.

  3. My card reader port will not let me upload my beautilul mismatched sets of tea cups and spoons! Thanks for the images, glad one of us is on point! (off to discect how you did that and potentially copy it! LOL!)

  4. Well, I'm late too! There has been so many new people to meet. Your art work is unique and whimsical. I'll definitely be back to see more.