Thursday, March 29, 2007

When Life Gives you Eggs...

Make lemon curd. Or something like that. Theses guys to the left are not the egg-givers. They just hang around to be pretty and do a little bugging. I do have a wonderful flock of hens though and they give us 9-10 or 11 eggs a day. I give a lot of eggs away so if you want some...give me a call. You furnish the cartons.

Now about those lemons. I believe I mentioned a few disasters happening about me. Things breaking and stuff. The list is too long to share. Other than to say Ashley is OK but a-foot until her car gets out of the shop (she crashed it). Also, we are hand-washing dishes and down to one burner on the stove top.
But that's OK because we love our microwave. And that brings me to Lemon Curd. I had a visit from Darla at Bay Side To Mountain Side and she stayed long enough to say so. I popped over to her place and low and behold she had a microwave Lemon Curd recipe. It looked so simple and sounded so yummy and used EGGS. I went straight home. Well I didn't go straight home. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up some lemons. OMG to die for. You must try it. I won't repeat the recipe here cause Darla has already done that. I will be making and serving this often.
Thanks Darla for stopping by and saying so.
More later,


  1. ok, the lemon curd talk is just about enough to make me hop in the car and drive down! The only thing better is lemon curd on fresh scones with Devon creme in England!
    Linda K

  2. My comments wont post´...hoping the forth time is the charm...Love the thought of lemon curd I can literally taste it!

  3. Thanks for sending folks over to get the lemon curd recipe and glad you used it and liked it.

    Goodness, don't know what happened to Ashley's car but as long as she's ok that's what counts isn't it?

    Love your little chickies.