Saturday, March 24, 2007

Company for today

I thought this pretty lady might keep you company while I go "balance" a bit of yard work today.

She is my work in progress at the moment. Actually, she is in color but my color scan didn't make me happy. So I thought I would show you this way first. She is painted on muslin with acrylics and has already changed a bit since this scan.

I think you will like her so check back.

Now I must go jump on my "think tank"....I know I said I was doing that last weekend...too now here I go

More later,



  1. She's fabulous Sharon! Can't wait to see her all finished up. Have you given her a name yet?

  2. oh my!! she is gorgeous!! I think she looks lovely black & white~ but anxious to see colored also~

    xo ~Bella

  3. She is beautiful! It's very interesting to see her black&white and expect the color version... Can't wait to see how you finished her.