Saturday, August 23, 2008

Artful Mess

I have no ART to show today but thought I would give you a peek of my artful mess. Yes, it's all hanging out here.
This what it looks like when 49 projects get going all at once. I won't list off the projects, just have fun guessing what they are.
Then, if I actually finish something, you know I will be back for show and tell.
Your visits and comments mean the world to me. I am so grateful for my blogging lifestyle.
Thank you,


  1. Oh Sharon your studio looks clean to me! You have to have some stuff around! Have a wonderful day! SMILE

  2. Hello my friend!! Your art space has a wonderful feeling about it and it's quite orgainzed my dear. Goodness.....I can't even see the top surface of my table at this very moment. In fact, all week I've been waiting for this day to jump in and begin the 're-do' .....even as I type that I realize how long it's going to take. :) But I'm actually looking forward to it. Pray for me LOLOL that I can resist the AADD that plagues me.

    xo Rella

  3. I refuse to believe that everything you create comes from ...from...that! That is too little and not nearly enough to convince me...Nice try, Sharon, but I think we should ask NORAH to take the photos!:)

  4. Would you have thought that you loved blogging this much when you started writing your blog? I am IN LOVE with my blogging lifestyle too and I never thought it would mean so much!

  5. oh what a lovely mess, you have some neat stuff lying around to create with......

  6. Looks like a fun place to be and create. It really does look clean.


  7. Wow!!!! What a wonderful place you have here. I am off to read more....M

  8. Ditto...what Lost luggage said. And exactly where is the "mess"?
    I will trade my artful mess for yours.

  9. There is nothing like an Artful Mess, it lets you know you have been creating and thats a good thing. Although I agree with others that it doesn't look so messy to me.

    Looking forward to seeing the new Art when it comes.


  10. Mess? I'm suspicious. I think it looks too tidy. Did you clean up and organize just to show us? LOL!


  11. I don't see any mess here...
    and like you self and several other commenters here, I love blogging! I've made so mnay wonderful friends here and look forward to visiting with all of you often!

  12. I think your "mess" looks pretty darn neat and tidy to me! I'll be waiting to see what those 49 projects become.

  13. oh honey, that's not even close to a mess .... it looks well used!

  14. sharon, your studio is sooooo put together! and it's BIG - looks bigger than mine, i'm tellin' ya!

  15. Thank goodness, I am normal. Mine gets like this too ;-)

    There is something soothing about organised mess, it is so inspiring. I bet I would have a lovely time in your studio, it looks cosy :-)

    Your lucky, your desk is bigger than mine, my cat has started to lie on it too .... help!