Monday, August 18, 2008

Marathon Weekend

I have been on an ART marathon weekend. I can't say that I was in training for the marathon before going. And I can't say that it was a contest. But I can say that it was an endurance test for this old lady. In my younger days, I could stay up many nights in a row until 2 or 3 AM immersed in my ART or craft. We did that and I am here to tell about it.
Friday afternoon, just minutes after I told you I would be gone, I jumped in my car, loaded with my gallery of show and tell, supplies, and a little case of necessaries which did include my coffee creamer and prunes. I raced down the highway exactly 107 miles to a delightful destination in the Texas piney woods. For I had been invited to Camp Turlington. Camp T was not new to Deryn.
Truth be told, I pretty much invited myself or begged for an invitation. This was only my second face to face encounter with a blogger. I didn't know them and they didn't know me. We leaped together with faith. We all three landed on the finish line with joy in our heart.

I don't have to process the weekend in order to tell you about it. I processed it from moment to moment right there in the moment. I will however, need more time.
Very quickly, I will tell you that one of our projects was to make a journal that we can add pages to. Our covers were made with old book covers and I wanted my book to be big so I used the huge book that I found in April of 2007. at Antique Alley. It had been waiting all this time for Camp T. I took the pages out and shared some with Deryn and Sally. I prepped my pages shown above with a bit of wallpaper down the side to receive the eyelets.
For now, that's all I have time to share of my ART marathon weekend. We haven't even turned the first corner.
Thank you Sally and Deryn.


  1. Oh T is the best! Thanks for bringing Norah S. along. What a doll!

  2. That looked like a fun time and I admire a woman driving 107 miles with prunes...not exactly my choice of long distance fuel...:)
    Looking forward to the rest of the details and I am loving that shelf of stuff behind the ladies! Gina...

    BTW you were a winner in my giveaway...

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to read/see more of what you did!!

  4. Your weekend sounds incredible! And your art journal looks wonderful...I look so forward to reading and seeing more about it! Roxanne

  5. What a grand lady of faith jumping! You were the life of the party .. er.. camp, girl -- you and your prunes! Didn't we have fun. I can't wait for the rest of the posts -- I didn't have my camera so alas -- no posts for me - yet. (Help -Send pics)
    Loved meeting you and Norah's self! (Did your mother never tell you not to agree to meet folks you meet online? LOL

  6. You brave woman..107 miles~prunes~meeting new people..WOW. It sounds like you had the best time. Your journal looks fab.


  7. Camp T sounds like a great experience. Love the outside of the book and will be waiting anxiously to see and read the next installment.

    Don't send prunes.


  8. Other than the prunes...what a great weekend!! I would have done the same. Can't wait to see MORE!

  9. Jealous! Tell us more!!

  10. GREAT photo of your hands. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. But prunes? Hmmm...

  11. Your weekend sounds fantastic! I would have loved to be there. I feel like I almost was (you have a red Z on one of the photos - that's me!). That journal already looks rich and wonderful. Show us more please...

  12. Oh my, what great company for an art weekend. Can't wait to see the rest....

  13. Sharon,

    What a blast you had. I saw some of the fun over at Deryn's blog. I can't wait to see what you show here.


  14. This sounds like a dream weekend - what fun all of you must have had! And this Jerry fellow deserves some sort of special award himself :) Thank you for sharing your camp days with us.

  15. i'm so envious--i wish i'd driven to the piney woods to play!

  16. Oh, found your original post. I love this old ledger~how wonderful. Can you give me details, I would love it (and u).


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