Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marathon Part 2

Maybe you noticed in an earlier picture that it kinda looked like the Camp supplies towered all the way to the ceiling.

They do. And I hope it's OK that I share another side of the studio where from floor to ceiling, anything you might have in your dream studio can be found.

Sally sufferes from the same dilemma that I do. We must have every color available in what ever product that we are going to try. You want some Folk Art paints, she's got all 79 colors. You want Golden liquid, she's got every little bottle which totals one big drawer about 6 bottles across and 15 bottles deep. Sally, you have duplicates. Oh yes and if you want Golden Heavy body, she's got the store display. Really, I'm not kidding.

Here is a close up of that.
I knew you wanted to see it.
Sally will have to tell you about it.

My new friend Deryn, knew that she need not bring any supplies for the ART Marathon weekend. I did not. Well, Sally told me but I didn't believe her. Of course I travel with my own brushes and my own brush cleaning jar and my own gel medium (good thing because Sally didn't have this kind, haha) and my drink of choice. I knew she would not have that. Just like I knew she would not have my prunes.

That's all my stuff at left.

Sally, the Camp Director is the most generous soul I know. Anytime we needed something, anything, she directed us to it. However, she didn't have to direct us (yes Norah's presence was obvious) to the paper napkins. We spied these napkin drawers early on and dug around a little.

The camp Director requested that I share a little of my technique for painting faces. So I got to play teacher. And I had to go first as I think that was part of my initiation into Camp T.

Actually I was eager to share this as I am going to teach a very similar project in September at the Paper Cowgirl Retreat. The difference being the size of the project due to the amount of time allotted.

Looking over Sally's shoulder to see her in progress.
That Sally, she is such a clown.

Looking over Deryn's shoulder.

This is one beautiful lady.
Oh, and look at her hands.
You know Norah's already dancing in my head about
those hands.... showing up my art.
Here is my class piece.
I found that beautiful napkin in Sally's stash.
And all those little crumbs that I collaged on the right corner....
Sally has a ....no she has three trash drawers for collage.
If you don't believe it is trash, just click on the picture and discover the slither of bandaid wrapper right at the bottom right.
Enough for now on this marathon post.


  1. WOW looks like an awesome marathon! Gorgeous projects and get eye candy! oh so yummy!

  2. What fun you had!!! Glad you leeeped into it and had an awesome weekend!! yea!! See you next month at PaperCowgirl!

  3. If you can teach people to paint faces as good as your pals last weekend...you're going to be a HUGE hit at your class! Bravo!

  4. Wow, what a creat creative space. Did you open Every Single Drawer? I know you wanted to, LOL!

    Such fun to see you teaching and see how people interpret you instructions.


  5. Fantastic! I love seeing your take on the weekend. Funny that you had supplies that Sally didn't. Sure would have been fun to play along with you and Norah...


  6. Talk about a kid in a candy shop! What fun! I am enjoying this to no end.

  7. This was a fun post, and the photos are beautiful. Sharon, I used another napkin in a collage tonight. I admit it: I'm a napkin convert!

  8. Oh! Oh! I'd love it if you use my hands. How exciting! That Norah's...she's a sharp one!

  9. Well, you and Norah's little imp self have me pegged. I do have to have the whole set! (I'm trying to change that.)The little doll manikin (man, lady?) was a gift from a local artist friend and the mini Far East bag she/he is holding I got at the International Quilt Festival about four years ago. What fantastic photos you got, Sharon. It's fun for me to relive our marathon, too. And just for the record - you are a fantastic teacher but then I think you surely knew that.

  10. Oh what fun you had!! a mini retreat. I can't think of anything sweeter. Intimate and richly filled with friendship and art. Sigh.

    It looks like you are a very good teacher as the students did good.

    I'm so glad you had a great weekend.

    xo Rella

  11. What a feast for artist and viewer. Your account transports me to other worlds-creative places full of inspiration. Thank you.

  12. Why is it we need each colour of each product? Oh wait, I know...just in case, right! I have *way* more paint than is sensible, and still buy more.
    Love the faces; lucky them having you teach them how. Fantastic results.

  13. what a great time! Camp sounds like so much fun. I am very envious.

  14. Heaven! Simply heaven to have YOU teach them how to paint faces! Those are two extremely lucky women. I'm still struggling with it. Wanna come to CA?? Although I don't have that wall of supplies to entice you!

  15. Glorious,fabulous,wonderful!!!! and look at that studio........a woman after my own heart. And all the supplies(can we EVER have too many?)- look how it's all laid out, did you look at positively everything?*envious*
    How fun that must have been and WOW to have you teach your face technique, brilliant!! You and Norah must have been giddy!!
    I am and I wasn't even there.

  16. Oh so beautiful! It sounds like you had a grand time! Speaking of Sally's trash drawers...yesterday I received lovely gifts from my family for my birthday...but, hee hee, here's the secret fun...I saved the bits of bubble wrap and the white tissue paper with the glitter sprinkles on it and the lovely brown paper bag and bits of corrugated cardboard...oh I was so happy collecting 'garbage' odds and ends for collage! They don't know that they could have saved loads of money and just given me a box of garbage! Hee hehehehe!

  17. It is the best to have a Art Marathon with fellow artists. Lucky ladies.
    Such fun to see what was created by the talented trio.

  18. Wow, what a fabulous weekend, Sally's studio looks amazing, no wonder you all created such fabulous art.

  19. This is just great! I wish I could find a class like that locally here. You all made wonderful pages!


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