Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Marathon Finish Line

Continuing from yesterday, I wanted to say what a wonderful painting Sally and Deryn did. They made me look like one heck of a teacher don't cha think? And I was so very happy to get to play ART with them. We had so much fun. I liked it when Deryn said, "I like doing hair this way". And I thought, Norah's going to give me a headache dancing up there.

Here is Deryn and more studio in the background. She is a jewelry designer and photographer. And my request was to make a charm. Now I didn't have any particular type of charm in mind. I just wanted to make a charm. When I saw the bee charm that Sally made at an early summer session of Camp T, I knew that was what I hoped to make.

Of course "the wingkeeper" would want to make something with wings. This is my bumble bee charm that Deryn taught me how to make. I don't have jewelry making supplies and I don't have time to paint and make jewelry too for now. That means I probably want make jewelry until the next Camp Turlington. But I really enjoyed making it and Deryn is an excellent teacher.
Side note: I did indeed look for the words 'friend' and 'sore' for my bee wings. Never did I notice that it said 'Friday friend'. I have just now realized that Sally and Deryn are my new Friday friends as I see myself jumping in the car on Friday afternoons and heading to the piney woods to meet up for a ART weekend.

About to go home here. See the baggy eyes. That is what happens when you lose sleep to play ART.
One more thing to mention. If you have heard the myth that Sally doesn't stop to eat and there is nothing to eat at Camp Turlington.....don't believe it. For one thing, within reach (the fourth spot at the table) was huge bowl of grapes both red and green, huge can of mixed nuts, huge bags of chocolates and more. I'm just not accustomed to having those snacks right there and I have no will power to resist. So I didn't. You can do that at Camp. Right?
But then, there is Mr. Camp Director. Who checks in between golf games as well as calling from the club house just to make sure Sally knows it is meal time. So, then we had huge wonderful meals. Maybe she didn't cook it but nevertheless it was there. So, thank you Jerry, I had such a wonderful time at your camp.
And thank you again Sally and Deryn for taking the leap and inviting a blogger stranger into your home. You made me feel so comfortable and at-home that I didn't even have to show you my chain saw art.


  1. Oh, what a delight to have such a wonderful week-end. Thanks for sharing~~~I can live vicariously.


  2. Well, soar on down, my new Friday Friend! Hey, I'm not accustomed to all that great comfort food either -- except at camp. Notice I had the grapes -- it was skinny Deryn that brought the nuts and chocolates! I really don't worry about food, I know we can fall back on the "Delivery Guy" (Jerry, my DH)!! Thanks for the wonderful time. Next time don't even pack the chainsaw art, K?

  3. Chain saw art????? Oh do show!

  4. Good friends, good food, good art...what could be better? Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend with us.

  5. "Deryn the photographer"...I like that! Boy, that last self portrait we took was a doozy...

  6. The pictures of y'all are so cute; it looks like you had so much fun that I am jealous, and the art and jewelry is awesome. Ava and I really need some ART playmates! If we tempt you with food, will you come teach us?

  7. Art play time, lots of food and nibbles, plus good friends to share with....what more could anyone want? Life is good!!

  8. OH what fun! It's like dying and going to art heaven. How do we sign up for Camp T?
    And what's with the chain saw??

  9. You all look so wonderful in these photos...lovely to put a face to the name.
    I am just a little green...light green. Perhaps one day I can take painting lessons from you...I shall live in hope :)

  10. Sharon, Just read your last few posts and I must say, not only do the three of you look completely beautiful and happy......your pieces look great and all the little sneak peaks at the "stuff" makes me so jealous over your weekend fun. Truthfully, you three are inspiring......and I'm so glad you got to share this time...then show us. I'm now going to read it over again!!! Thanks, Pat

  11. Hi Sharon: three beautiful girls, lots of fabulous art, gooooood fooood - what else could anyone ask for ????? not one bit jealous, envious, etc. just soooo happpy you shared it with us. makes me want to get a little group/camp of my own - hmmmmmm : )

    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  12. Hoarders of color, napkins and friendship...what a perfect weekend and are long distance strangers invited?

  13. The bee is just wonderful. What a perfect reminder you have a a wonderful weekend.

    I agree with the other posters, lets hear more about that chain saw art.


  14. Oh Sharon......what a fun way to spend a week-end!!! It was fun to see pics of of my favorite jewelry artists:D I only wish I could have joined you:( All these retreats sound so wonderful.....but none are very close to ole St. Louie:( Thanks for sharing your week-end with us:D hugs, Linda

  15. This looks like such a wonderful time , art and friends... just beautiful!


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