Monday, August 25, 2008


From Wings of Love
6 X 6 gallery canvas
A great weekend was had.
Not all was crazy art.
Balanced crazy art
with sweet art
with house
with yard.
FYI: post # 501


  1. Yay on your 501st post! And it's such a beautiful one. It's just a bit different from most of your girls but I love it.

  2. Stunning! I love this! It is so beautiful and peaceful!

  3. From Wings of Love - Breath-taking-ly beautiful art : ) and the name ain't bad either! WOW on the 501st post - thanks for ALLLLLLL your sharing and giving, I am definately a Sharon/Norah'S groupie : ) have loved all your art since the very first time I peeked in on your blogg after seeing your CPS article and can't tell you how inspired and motivated I have been ever since - thank you, thank you, thank you Sharon&Norah'S : )
    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  4. She is lovely. I really like her. Congrats on your 501st post.


  5. Love the colors and the feeling it evokes...

  6. i absolutely love this piece!

  7. Congrats on 501! 501 was my employee number years back when I worked at a Woolco store. Being goofy young girls at the time we called each other by our numbers instead of names. Your 501 sparked that memory.
    Nice art too!
    P.S. Sorry about the book...maybe next time.

  8. Sharon, 501....WOW!!! Keep them coming if you can as I sure enjoy reading them. As for the "sweet art" keep it coming too.....I love seeing what you have done....very inspiring!!!!!!!! THANKS for all you do. Pat

  9. This is just stunning. Your work is just so magical.

  10. What a drastic difference. So soft, feminine and romantic. It's amazing that you could do both styles in one weekend.

  11. Beautiful piece Sharon, I have missed visiting your blog whilst I have been away!!!
    I see you have been to camp too, what a wonderful experience for you. Looks like you had the best time!!! I have only been to a couple of camps but I just love them... catching up with like minded souls, there is nothing like it.
    Your face painting class looks such fun...when are you coming over this way to teach us Aussies???

  12. Every single one of the 501 has been worth a visit.

    Great new piece!


  13. This is amazing because I really think this is My favorite of YOURS. I love these colors, and I think she would be so happy in my studio. Is this one going to be listed on ETSY? (hope, hope).

    Oh and what does Norah think of the funky vs. pretty art? Does she approve of one style more than another?

  14. Ah-h-h, a sliver of a profile not on dark but behind a wispy curtain! LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  15. Beautiful!

    Thank you for visiting me. I wanted to tell you that I print my images on fabric with my Injet printer. Instead of paper, I run a sheet of fabric through.

    Cheers, Colette

  16. WOW! 501 posts! You've inspired us with them all!!
    Love the new painting - she is gorgeous.
    Have a great week.

  17. It's beautiful Sharon...
    I get a warm, fuzzy feeling just looking at it.

    It seems like alot of love went into it...quite a moody piece! I wish I had enough inspiration to keep creating non-stop like you!

    They're all gorgeous, even the kooky, crazy mail!

  18. ANOTHER BEAUTY!!!! They just keep getting better and better! hugs, Linda

  19. LOve the new mail art and enjoyed catching up on your posts. Happy Wednesday!

  20. Congratulations on you 501st post! Love the crazy art and love the sweet art. Thanks to you and your wonderful napkin swap, I was able to finish a canvas that had been sitting on the worktable for several weeks. I posted about it today on my blog at Thanks for the tutorial you posted on your blog about using napkins in art.

  21. Congrats on post #501!! I'm still a baby at 126-lol! This is a wonderful piece! I'm a sucker for nests, birds and wings.

  22. Oh my.......sighing......she is over the top glorious. What a sweet and loving face. From the Wings of Love. This is a very, very special piece my dear friend.

    xo Rella

  23. Happy 501....It has been so special to see all your wonderful art. I think you know that I am a fan of all you do.
    Have a wondeful weekend, Mary

  24. So many generous posts, so many friends made worldwide :-) Love the latest work too.

  25. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ... we want to know more:


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  26. Very beautiful, Sharon! Love the softness of this piece. Great job!

  27. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen Sharon.

  28. Hello. I wonder if I can ask you what leaf stamps you use? What brand are they? I love nature.


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