Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Follow the Leader"
Another Sisters Reunion.

On this day they talked about one of their favorite games and decided to go to the garden and play.
She always got to be the leader but that was OK, they loved her for that.
They dreamed so many dreams while in the gardens. I guess that is why their dreams are always right there just like a beautiful butterfly flitting about and landing on their sleeve.
One more thing. About the little queen, well one of her fondest memories from home was always dreaming about growing up to be a queen or a princess at the very least. She was always pretending.
20 X 10 gallary wrapped canvas
$150.00 plus shipping
Email me if you would like a paypal invoice.


  1. Sorry Etsy is playing hide and seek with you but I really enjoyed seeing these at a "collection".


  2. lovely
    I just listed things on etsy, maybe it will work for you, if you try again...

  3. I am so enjoying all of your artwork. As the eldest of three sisters your work touches my heart.


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