Friday, October 03, 2008

Let's Laugh

You want a good laugh?
As I was leaving home, I grabbed a page of text that was laying loose on my ART desk hoping I could find a word or two to use on my pendant.
So, when the time came, and to my utter surprise, I found the most perfect words on this page.
At home the next day I discovered a word was missing. The funny part is remembering when I showed it to someone who tried to read the sentence and had the strangest puzzled look on her face. She couldn't figure it out and very nicely handed it back to me. Don't you know my Norah'S still laughing at that little trick. She does stuff like that to me all the time. It was suppose to say:
"Oh, the Sheriff done it all right. " I don't even know if it should be 'all right' or 'alright'....let's laugh!
It's kinda like when I left the 'a' out of Sharon and then tried to correct it and put the 'a' in the wrong place. That one was a double doozie. Enough for now.
Let's laugh the weekend away,


  1. Don't feel bad.
    I recently received an email informing me that the collage I had up for sale read "Nothing says lovin' like something from the conven." I must have looked at it a million times and didn't see the extra n in there.
    Or when I posted a drawing on IF that had a clock in the background with the 1 in the 12 position. Ahhh!
    All you can do is laugh. :)

  2. Oh, the goofs that make us laugh. This is key though-if we did the same thing all the time there would be no grown. Some of the most wonderful things come out of mistakes. I love my blonde moments in life!Gee, even the US Mint does it...then it's worth tens of thousands- yours should be, too!!!!!

  3. Laughter is the best medicine they say especially when its yourself you have to laugh it.
    I am teaching my first Art Journaling class tonight and I am hoping that all the laughter will because people are having fun. Wish me luck. I am a little nervous.


  4. Sharon, We all do silly stuff such as leaving out a word, etc. I've made my own share of funny little mistakes like this and while they do make me wonder where my mind was...a good laugh is a good laugh!! Thanks for sharing yours...and she's still awfully cute....Pat

  5. I just thought it was normal...kind of saying ...the (cowgirl) done it alright...but using her picture as the word..... hahahha....

    you still did a great job ...very nice pendant..

  6. I love your pendant... may I say I giggled at your missing word. Still cute tho! ;)

  7. I know where the word went. Seriosuly I do. The exact same place socks go after they leave the washing machine and head for the dryer. Now, if I could figure out where that was, I could return your Sheriff.
    Thanks for sharing the story :-)

  8. oh well, that will be one your remember! It was fun and hope we do it all again this summer..hugs,t

  9. Sharon, need to lay off the hard stuff! Just kidding. I can see Norah rolling on the floor laughing:)

  10. it said Sheriff when I saw it, how funny. Hey, at least your lady didn't get shot (ha) I have a question about doing transfers onto paper if you or Norah's up to answering it.:)

  11. I love this piece Sharon. Isn't it great that we can celebrate our foibles? It's a daily party here at my house...
    Hmmm, maybe I should take my medicine now.

  12. I call it creative spelling... with pride... spell check is for sissy's... missing words are an exercise for the readers brain...
    need anymore excuses just let me know... I'm here for you... xo PJ