Saturday, October 25, 2008

I took a couple of shots in between the beginning and end.
It's no secret, you must see when I do that.
8 X 6 canvas

The finished is a scan. And I like to show it at the beginning of the post and at the end. I don't know...I just do. Have you noticed that when you post your art, you can scrutinize it and see where you want to add a stroke here or there? I see several places and I forgot to finish the little bird. It's not a "little" bird, is it? It is way out of scale but I don't care. I like it anyway. So, I guess it is not finished after all. But for today.....enough.


  1. Yes! Things show up that you don't see otherwise. Maybe it's the light.
    It looks good to me. I like the bird out of scale...she's just plump.
    It's ahmahhzing!

  2. I love that "little bird" and the way it's sitting in the girl's hands. Congrats on your work being published in CPS too. Beautiful!

  3. The words under her blouse and the flowers are my favorite parts, but as usual, this is a winning piece,too!

  4. I like the little bird too! I didn't even think it was out of scale until you mentioned it and then I still didn't think it was out of scale. Congratulations on being published! That must be thrilling.

  5. Sharon, this is another winner!!! Just wonderful. The sisters do look a little you think it's a sign of the times? They are quite beautiful, the way I wish we could all look despite the times.
    How you get such expression...a mystery to me...and such a treat to see. I don't think people should always be depicted as smiling. That cute and what's wrong with plump anyway? Love it! pat

  6. Sharon,

    This is just lovely and I like seeing all the stages. I like the bird the way it is too1. I can't wait to you in CPS...


  7. This is another lovely painting. Thanks for showing the stages. I'm stuck on a piece right now and you've given me a bit of a boost. You also helped me see how an ad or any image can show me a placement. AND I love the big bird. I would like to hold him and pet him.

  8. I love it when you show the steps of a piece of art! So much fun to see it unfold. As always I am touched by your art!

  9. Thanks for once again being generous enough to show us not only the finished work but the actual process.



  10. More beautiful sisters and thanks for sharing your process, they are really beautiful. Congratulations on being published again, you'll have a book out soon, I'm sure.


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