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Friday, November 07, 2008

Going home

I can't go anywhere. Look what happened to my shoe today.
But look at that leather on top. Don't you think I should keep that for future use on a journal cover or something? I'm sure I should.
I'm going home now.


  1. Just curious does the brand name start with a 'C'? I had that happen to two pairs and others have told me the same. Must be a marketing strategy! :) I too saved the beautiful leather! Love your Blog and your artwork. Happy shoe hunting!

  2. Yes, the brand name starts with a "c" as in clark. And this is the second pair this week. I bought them the same time and the lasted the same time. And yes I will have to go shoe hunting.

  3. Now that's what I call a blowout!
    Don't tell me it's Clarks. I just bought a pair and DH had a cow over the price.

  4. Ooops a blow-out!

    A prospective journal cover??? That sounds interesting.

  5. I bet these were your favorite shoes! Something like this always happens to me just when I become totally attached to a pair of shoes. That, and the fact that I am just hard on shoes. By all means, don't throw the leather's hard to throw anything away anymore as I know I'll certainly find a use for it later. Enjoying you.....Pat

  6. Just take them to Wayne's shoe repair in Spokane Washington..He does great work and could stitch that back in a jiffy. Humm maybe Wayne's is too far away.
    Sorry you lost your sole hope your soul is still okay.. arlene

  7. Planning ahead is what I call that -- not saving things just in case, or hoarding or any other term. I think you should plan ahead to use the top of your shoe for something at some undetermined date.

  8. I cannot believe that the first thing I thought of was to "save the leather" on the broken shoe, LOL!!! I would send a photo to them via internet to customer service and explain what happened...they may make good on them and replace them, especially if they are less than a year old!

  9. LOVE the sock! Perfect for Pink Saturday! : D


  10. oh phoooooo.

    I hate when that happens.

    (is there a follow up to this story ?)

  11. All righty - now that I've stopped laughing. I've been enjoying your blog this morning - when I got to this photo I just had to laugh out loud. Really. That's just the kind of humor our family loves! Sorry to think it's funny cuz the air conditioned shoe looks to have been a real day ruiner. My Timberlands had a bad day a few years ago while I was horseback riding. My horse, Leonard, had a real attitude, veering to have me brushed by fir trees, and daring himself by riding the trail ledge, which was just the right amount of jaggedy rocks to provide high drama to the ride. Then, he got the ingenious idea to pull up alongside his little horsey buddy, who proceeded to pee all over my jeans and Timberland shoe. What had been my favorites had been reduced to my rejects as nothing could permeate and reconcile the equine essence. I think I understand your dilemna. Thinking about attending Cowgirl Retreat next year and hope to meet you. Often go to Waxahachie as well. - Angela

  12. Oops. Got your location mixed up with another. Still, funny shoe photo, just not close to Waxahachie, huh? Anywho, fun read, your blog. And BEAUTIFUL art! - Angela


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