Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just sharing a doodle.
Not much to say today.
Had to tear her out of the paper she found herself on. Important numbers and such.
I'm blank.
Hoping you are all well and warm.


  1. Sharon, Hope you and "Norah" are doing this divine doodle!

  2. The peculiar pillow pal lives on! Stay warm, and keep those fingers moving... that's what I'm doing. Oh, and tending to my hurt kitty. But a lot of that is giving him space after tending to him. The sun will shine warmly upon us again!!

  3. The new girl at your house is very interesting.


    PS my word verification is STUFS.

    I like it! I like it!. I'm off to do some stufs. Heeee!

  4. I love this doodle...her hands are soooo interesting (in addition to that cool hair and face!)

  5. Oh my, it is a hard day, things don't go quite right.

    Your new profile photo is lovely, charming and very you as I know you.

    Your doodle is nice, I wonder if she knows she may be in for cinamascope and techicolor. I learned from that also, to put something black behind a doodle for posting.

    I have been reduced to taking photos of angels chipped out of concrete. I will show it soon, maybe tomorrow. I want to play with the photo a bit.

    Does anyone but me remember cinamascope? People don't say technicolor anymore. I have been goofy all day.


  6. The pillow lady is still visiting! How cool! Oh, she has some interesting hands! The new photo is much more you... pretty, pretty.

  7. Love your doodle... I have a few of those that I have torn from the paper at the computer/phone and put in my journal. Its amazing the wonderful images we draw sometimes while doodling away.

    Jacky xox

  8. I like her hands also. But most of all I like her! Her head makes me think of a onion for some reason, and she just makes me smile.
    Love this doodle!

  9. She is wonderful...even your doodles look perfect.
    I am back and trying to catch up.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog...they were much appreciated.

  10. First I found your youtube channel and I really devoured your videos( LOL) and then, I found your blog...
    Sharon, your artwork is FABULOUS, almost magical and your blog is soooo wonderful! I feel really lucky and soo happy I found you! Can't wait till you open the online class!!!:)
    I now follow your blog, so I'll stay tuned.
    Lots of love, Sanda xx