Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Had to show.

No time to talk.

It's 20 X 24.

Don't you love them?

I do.
EDIT: Now I have time to tell you "the rest of the story". Emelie, you know her, she leaves great comments. Well anyway, last October before she had a blog, she sent me this "work in progress" where she used a mans silk tie in a fabric project. I swooned over the loons as I have never seen one or heard one. I couldn't stop thinking about the loon tie and wondered how on earth I might find one for myself. Eventually, I faced the reality that I probably wouldn't. Saturday when I was painting the pillow girl above and heard the whisper that there should be birds in the painting, it so happened that Emelie, who now has a blog posted the finished project with the loons and I happened over there. I knew instantly and told her so that a loon or three would show up in my painting. And that is "the rest of the story".
I still would love love to find one of these loon ties.
And now for the rest of another story!!!
I managed to get it up a little early.
Just could not wait.
It it too exciting.


  1. Sharon this is detailed. I love the background (a little bit of bias as green is my most favourite colour).
    The red and green leaves look great, are they a napkin or have you painted them all in? I love them!

    Thanks for sharing more of this piece with us.

    Jacky xox

  2. YES!! I do!! So original and fabulous!!

  3. I think of it and smile, a vision on a pillow sham, a necktie, a quilt, quite a lot of time between the necktie and the vision, and it came to this beautiful painting.
    I wish I knew the person that once had the necktie, they would so enjoy the whole story. It is someone from the north country of Wisc.

    I so envy the red coat, I think about someone with a red coat all the time and have not had a good put together in my mind. Her coat sort of has a swish to it and gives such nice motion to the painting.

    I have never seen a loon standing and the legs and feet have such charm. Also her feet and hands are just the best, so right for her.

    Such great enjoyment, Emelie

  4. Oh I love this one! You could create a whole "Noraland" world with these characters!

  5. I absolutely love this piece of work!

  6. Oh yes, I absolutely love it!!!

  7. Did you hear that GASP when I saw this? It just blew me away!!! I wish I could follow my imagination like you do. I have plenty in my head (too much)but can't translate it to paper.

  8. Love the loons, especially the black and white stripes

  9. the piece is just terrific
    whimsical delightful...

  10. Very beautiful and enchanted- so thought provoking and expressive through color and image. Wonderful art!

  11. I think the Loons are wonderful, and I can't stop looking at her hands and feet...I am smiling...
    Hugs, Mary

  12. Hi Sharon, I became a follower on your blog. Your work is amazing!!

  13. I love this painting. We have loons here in NH and one of my favorite childhood memories was listening to them in the evening at my grandfather's camp on a lovely little lake. There is something hauntingly lovely about them. I'm a loon-lover and proud of it! Your portrayal of our beautiful bird is the best!

  14. Gorg! Absolutely gorg! I must say I love your new figures - nobody can make a conehead look so beautiful. I wish I was a conehead now. :)


  15. this is an incredible job, and I loved it *-*, congratulations! ..

  16. wow, this is just gorgeous! the detail is amazing~

  17. Your loon and painting is beautiful with rich color!

  18. Oh wow I do love them! We don't have loons here but I remember them being in Stephen King novels and somehow feel like I know how they sound because of that. Your loon is beautiful.

  19. I love all of the texture and rich and full.