Friday, January 15, 2010

Workshop Gangs all There

Sister's Reunion

Sisters Wedding
I'm so excited to share with you my Workshop Site.
I can't wait until Friday.
But we can't actually Play Together until then.
Because I'm not quite ready for registration
Here is the deal.

We won't be able to play until you and I have completed five steps.
we can't do these steps until Friday when
Registrations Opens January 22, 2010
First: Create your NING PROFILE. Maybe you have already done that.

Second: You will have to PAY for the workshop.

Third: After payment, come back here and SIGN IN.

When I receive your payment and request to join, you will be accepted by email and the tabs will be activated.

Fourth: I will send you an INVITE for the workshop that you have paid for.

Fifth: Follow the links in the email to ACCEPT my invitation to the group.

Then We can Play ART Together!

Follow the Leader


Sisters in their Nightgowns


Go take a look but you will only be able to see the "Main" page. Nothing else will be interactive until you pay and you can't pay until

Registrations opens

Friday January 22, 2010

Oh, then come tell me how much you LOVE it.



  1. Hey Sherry♥lee,
    Thank you thank you.
    I got your member request but I won't be sending invite until I can accept pay. No problem, you have finished Step Three and I will look forward to that on Friday.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention in my blog post the Workshop fee is $65.00.

  2. o how wonderful! congratulationS!

  3. What torture! It's only mONDAY!!! Whee! I wanna play.

  4. Hi Sharon:

    It is so noisy in here with all those sisters talking and cheering about the workshop. Not to mention people taking the worshop.

    I am so excited, I was just looking at the Cloth Paper Scissors, Mag from last year, and thinking about how this all started.

    I have done some steps. and will follow closely.

    I posted the full loon quilt this morning. Your making life grand.

  5. I've been so busy in my photoshop class, I've barely come up for air! And now this. Oh joy oh excitement!!

    I've already put my name in, just waiting, and waiting and waiting.

    The place looks grand, I might add.

  6. Sempre m'han agradat molt aquestes llàmines tipus "La reïna de les fades". Enhora bona per la teva obra.

  7. oh my goodness- it looks awesome!!! i love the layout and the "about" sidebar. see you friday!!!

  8. How funny, I just noticed that my "pretty face" was missing from your followers. How could this be when I read you in my google reader? I don't know, so I just followed you now, tho I've been following you for ages!

  9. heyy dear!
    how much does cost?
    i couldn't seem to find that information anywhere

  10. Hi Norah.....How very exciting that you are having a class! I wish I could take it, but I'm in a Photoshop class that I MUST learn well....and it goes thru Feb won't be able to do it....I need to learn faces, but they'll have to wait! You will have a blast as well as the "gang"!

  11. Well I for one can't wait for Friday!