Saturday, January 09, 2010


It's cold but bright.
Well below freezing.
A thin layer of ice.
What are you eating?
Lingered in bed this morning longer than usual.
In near darkness.
Noticed a face in the pillow sham that was tossed onto the chair.
Eyes were tricking me.
Wondered if she would be there in daylight.
Kept watching.
Turned away and back.
She was still there.
Wished for camera.
Studied to remember.
She was peculiar.
Liked her.
She left in the daylight.
The sham is on the bed now.
The Pelican Brief is on the big TV.
Wanted to sit.
The timer is on for seven minutes.
A reminder to take the black knit out of the dryer.
The dryer is whirring.
Wish to paint big today.
Unwrapped 20 X 24 canvas.
Friend thrifted it for me.
$6.15 when new.
Believe it.
Happy Birthday Friend.
How is your patient today?
Might not paint big today.
Sketched the face in the sham.
Remembered her.
She's peculiar.
Word might be random.
Looked it up in Random House Webster's Dictionary.
That amused me.
In Random House.
Going to eat.


  1. What am I eating? I've got some olive oil/black pepper triscut crackers spread with some artichoke spread left over from New Years and some sliced black forest ham. Oh yeah, and a diet pepsi.

    I got up this morning and was so tired, I stretched out on the sofa and slept until noon....not my typical Saturday, oh well, I needed the rest, I guess.

    So now I'll go back and read the rest of your post !!!

  2. I love your flowing rambling thoughts; it makes me feel so much more normal!
    I didn't think I'd have anything to blog about today but you reminded me that maybe I do.
    Sorry you're cold and even have skim ice. I remember my years living in the South when the short cold spells were so much worse than living here and being so accustomed to it.
    And Random is just a fine choice of a word!!

  3. Loved this! Big Hugs, not eating much....Mary

  4. Beautiful photos. We're in the grip of a very unusual arctic winter here in England. Sub zero temps plus so much snow. Love your post! x

  5. Yes faces, even years ago before I ever tried a face, I saw them. One especially comes to mind, she was in the tile at my inlaws in the bathroom. Very Roman like and not a stitch down to her waist. I saw it everytime, I showed the daughters and they saw it. We did not tell grandma as she would of been stunned at such a thing. One breast did sag a bit, I now know that is normal.

    We also have an angel on our silo. she is chipped out concrete, even a halo. Very old silo. I could take her photo.

    Those little finches on your ice, such a shock for them, we have them also, but this is rather normal weather only a little long on the cold. the patterns on the ice are pretty. Ice and frost do very artistic patterns.

    I hope to see what you saw this early morning.

    An Odd day here. Emelie

  6. How fortuitous and flukey (oh, I like that word, flukey:a stroke of luck!)that you would select such a nice word as "random"!

    Having fun this morning with synonyms. A fav of mine in English years and eons ago!!