Monday, January 18, 2010

Workshop Details

talking about the workshop

FACES: All Norah'S

"a workshop just about faces with a few other fun things"


Registration Starts: January 22

Class Lessons Start: February 5th


There is no class end date.

There is no class size limit.

There is no registration deadline.

Come as you are, stay as long as you like.

A Bonus Lesson is already waiting for you.

As soon as we do those "five things".

The Bonus Lesson is, Collage Layers with Napkins, a video.

The supply list for each lesson is there.

Discussion Forums are waiting for you to introduce yourself, ask questions about supplies and other topics.

Then, on February 5th, the Play ART Together Fun starts.

There will be six lessons presented over a four weeks period.

come as you are

everybody is going to be there...

week one

February 5: Lesson 1 - Norah'S Faces Segment 1 - Intro, line drawing & canvas preparation. Norah'S Faces Segment 2 - Transfer, adding lines, palette.

February 6: Lesson 2 - Norah'S Faces Segment 3 - Time to paint.

February 7: Lesson 3 - Norah'S Faces Segment 4 - More painting. Mixing flesh.


week two

February 12: Lesson 4 - A Face Part One and Two - A face on prepared background.


week three

February 19: Lesson 5 - Kissing Profile Segment One and Segment Two

ASSIGNMENT - should you choose to accept it.......

week four

February 26: Lesson 6 - It's Time - Finding a face to paint


One more thing:

How can you pay?


I will be adding a "Buy Now" Paypal button here on the blog


at All Norah'S Art.Ning

If you don't have a Paypal account but you do have standard credit cards like mastercard/visa, you can still pay via the Paypal "Buy Now" button.


If you need another option,

we can do this by USP snail mail

Please email me at......sktomlinson[at]gmail[dot]com

for my address.
The pillow girl and her friend is not part of the workshop.
They are my unfinished big painting from yesterday.
I will show you the whole thing when finished.
You knew that.
Today, I must clean house.
My day off.


  1. Can't wait to be part of this workshop.
    I sent an application via Ning yesterday. Wonder whether it came through, still waiting for your approval.... If I don't hear I will try again.

  2. Good morning:

    I know your imagination is good so you can see delight in this comment. I am so thrilled to see the loon. It is just right isn't it? Just perfect. They truely compliment each other, and must really admire each other as they dress in a simular fashion. I am smiling bigger than usual. Who would of guessed she would end up with a loon companion?

    Thanks for all the details, the home page is so nice and a lot of work put into the design. I appreciate the work to no end. Such comfort in the information as how we can all work and take part. I am new to online classes so you helped a great deal this morning.

    I also am cleaning, The magic eraser product is helping me a great deal. However the art room is tidy and clean with a background on several papers is
    ready to go. I can do laundry and paint also. No mail today of course so tomorrow.

    Hard to do mundane, Emelie

  3. I signed up on your site too and am still waiting approval.Sent it on the 16th. Looks great as soon as I can get in:)

    Don't forget, it's ok to requestment membership to the workshop
    I won't be approving until Friday after you Pay.
    The PayPal Button will be up early early early Friday 22nd.
    Thank you all.
    You are all giving me great excitement.

  5. I made a new word: 'requestment'
    can you tell I'm excited?

  6. Oh, I was wondering why I didn't get approved. Felt like Jr. High all over again!! Doesn't she like me? Why won't she approve of me? Oh n, I won't get to learn about faces from her. Wah wah wah all weekend. Himself has been running from me every time I come up from the computer!!!

    So now I wait til the 22, pay, then get approved. I thought it was get approved, then pay. Silly me!

  7. The loon goes with the newest creature just perfectly! It's such a whimsical dreamy picture! I just love it! Emelie had no idea what she was starting with her wonderful loony quilt!
    Your class is giving me heart palpitations! My computer decided to try it's best to crash last night and now is NOT the time for sure! I left a begging crying note for DH who arises long before me to please please please fix my computer before anyone else this morning....customers would have to wait in line! So I'm back after a fretful night and hopefully ready for Friday!! No crashes allowed!

  8. I am so excited, Sharon. My hope is that with your teaching, and Suzi's--I can get a combination for creating my "own" faces.

  9. Sharon this is looking exciting....

    I love your pillow girl and that exotic looking bird...fantastic!

    Love your new word!

    Jacky xox

  10. OMG........I LUVZZZZZZZZZZZ PILLOW GIRL!! A faerie after my own faerie heart. Really, Sharon, she truly brings me delight.

    xox Rella
    p.s. Also love your new profile pic..

  11. Oh's here! I've been checking every once in a while because I really am excited to learn from you. This is going to be a fantastic class. Thanks for the bonus lesson. Your work with napkins has always fascinated me.

  12. YES ! love the loons too.

    This painting is BRILLIANT and beautiful.


  13. Oh I love the 'come as you are'...

    Norah, I would LOVE to participate, but my plate is so full, bits of me are toppling over. Will you offer another this summer... or can I tune in after the fact?