Thursday, January 07, 2010

Take a breath

Yes yes yes, I can take a big breath.
I haven't finished 2009.
Nor have I greeted 2010.
Sometimes stuff like that just passes you by.
It did me.
I'm taking a deep breath this afternoon because I finished a huge commitment
and I managed the deadline.
That little sneak peak above is what I have been up to lately and therefore unaccounted for here. Pam Carriker invited me to contribute to her book, and today I managed to get my box to the post office before the window closed at 4:30.
I could moan and moan about how I took on too much but I won't.
For now you will find me around the corner learning a whole bunch of new techie stuff. That is because every time I get around another corner, there is yet another learning curve.
The workshop is coming along nicely except my brain has had just too much to deal with....oh, forgot, I wasn't going to moan.
I am so excited about your response and am working hard to get it ready. I don't want to announce a date until I know I can meet it. I don't want to break my own deadline.
But for those who are wondering and asking about the cost, I'm thinking I will hold it to sixty-five-ish dollars. Believe me it is a hundred dollar workshop but I know times are tough. There will be at least 4 different lessons within the class plus one bonus lesson and we will use many different paints. So don't worry about the supplies just yet.
One of my goals for this first class is to inspire you to try paints that you might already have like Folk Art. But I will also show other paints.
To those who shared the workshop news on their blogs, I thank you so much for warming my heart. Your the best.
To all who leave me comments even when I don't get back to you very quickly, I love you too.
I'm afraid this is getting long; I'm feeling rather talkative.
Oh dear but the kitchen is calling me now.


  1. It was good to hear from you! I figured you were 'buried under'! I saw on Pam's site that you were one of her contributers to the new book; so I was wondering how you were managing that, other media sources you contribute to, home life & work and still getting us a workshop ready? Being Super Sharon/Norah is good but for sure don't make yourself sick and really have to stay away from us admirers! The workshop will come in good time, January or not! We don't want you to be totally stressed out with it all!

  2. Sharon,

    It is so good to "see" you again. I've missed you.

    The sneak peek looks pretty lovely. Congrats; I will have to get a copy of that book when it is published.

    I am hoping your class will be a bit later rather than sooner as after just getting through the Christmas season without getting all commercial about it and staying well within a budget, I had to take in my car for its 100,000 mile fix up (I do want to have it last another 100,000). It was almost 1500 dollars, so I'm thinking early May looks pretty good.

    Of course, if it turns out that you offer it much earlier than that, maybe you could offer it again later in the year.

  3. Please take time to breathe and rest, gather your mind and do a pleasurable thing. Just doing a painting for yourself that you want good but does not have the pressure. I see a lovely hand in that painting and feel so jealous.
    Jealous in the best possible way of course, good jealousy has admiration.

    I am excited for the class but you have to be ready,feel right, and have joy for the presentation.

    Thanks for all you do. I mean every last thing. Emelie

  4. Sharon, I really, really love the new painting, even through bubble wrap! And, oh, how I can identify with not having finished 2009 yet. Congratulations on all your accomplishing!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  5. I look forward to joining your class and I adore your bubble wrapped painting. Wow.

    Do you have a logo or small pic we could use to put on our blogs to point back to your upcoming class? I have already told someone to check it out and would like to tell more.

  6. That painting under the bubble wrap looks gorgeous - can't wait to see it all.

    Remember, one breath at a time and do everything in micro -steps so its less intimidating!

  7. Love the sneak preview! Beautiful. Can't wait for the workshop but think you should take several breaths!

  8. Love the sneak peak for the book. It's beautiful. Can't wait for the workshop but think you should take a little breather first.

  9. how great to be included in this book endevour
    your artwork is gorgeously worthy to be viewed far and wide!
    i hate them too
    but i manage to meet them
    i love them too
    because that means i had a commission
    contribution is as much on the commission level as any payment commission
    the payoff
    what ever it might be is worth the deadline
    but a finished deadline
    go relax a spell then tackle more on the class
    looking forward to it
    but i know it entails a huge amount of work/learning curves/stress/
    we will appreciate them though
    i will@!

  10. Glad to see you're going to be in Pam's book, that Must be a joy for you, especially now that your work is sent in the mail!

    I was thinking for some reason your workshop would be in February. Don't know how I got that stuck in my head.

  11. Congrats on being in Pam's book. I saw your name listed on Pam's blog and was so excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear more on your classes. Go relax now.

  12. You've been way too busy to think about a word for Pete's sake! But I've been thinking on mine for quite some time...I'm not as busy as you!! And you are MOST welcome for the shout out, you certainly deserve it with all the hard work you're doing.

  13. Only been following your blog for a few weeks but have loved all I have seen. I love Pam's work and have been following her (and doing one of her workshops). I am so happy you are going to be in her book,(seems all my favourite artists are going to be in there) I just know it is going to be awesome!! Your picture even through the bubble wrap looks amazing.