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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things that flutter forth

I have to tell you this.  It is another little story about inspiration.

She is from Thursday's Art-at-the-desk.  And I'm so proud that I pushed myself and  actually started on the first page in a new blank Strathmore Visual Journal (5.5' x 8in)
So proud because I have a hard time with white pages and especially the first one in a journal. 

But about the inspiration, I was all done except I hadn't actually finished the background.  Nothing was happening.  The flow was over. I had to pack up and head to my cozy art nest at home.  That's when a part of a butterfly wing fluttered forth from under stuff.  I heard that little voice that said, "just glue it down". So, I did. 

Friday morning while "walking in beauty", a place for exercise of the mind and body, I was on the sixth lap when I began thinking about the background again. I spotted a fence line bush with small leaves and I just snatched some as I went by.  The first thing I did was use them to stencil around and then I painted the little stalk of leaves with Italian sage green and stamped the leaf image around the background.   

That helped but the page still needed more. So I used the white gel pen.  About that time that little blue silk sari ribbon fluttered forth from under stuff.  Again, I immediately heard the voice that said, "attach it, don't think about it just attach it".  So, I did. 

Later, I realized the connection was more than color. It's about the delicacy of the silk and butterfly wing and they even share a tiny pattern.  The stitching is a connection to the cloth side of me.

When I returned to the office Friday morning, I found the other part of the wing on a different desk....fluttered forth....the voice.....and so, I did. 

When inspiration passes you or flutters forth....see it...hear it...use it.
♥ Sharon


  1. This is so true you never know when inspiration hits will hit or make such a connection to your soul what an inspiring story for all of us.

  2. Sharon, this is beautiful! I love your story of comes from so many different places. :)

  3. Just love it when things flutter forth. Your faces are stunning as usual and so inspiring!

  4. Beautiful!
    The painting, the story, the inspiration... <3 <3 <3

  5. Sharon, I love this painting! And what a good vibe that it's the first in a new sketchbook. I enjoyed your comment the other day on my 'stacks' post!

  6. So true inspiration is everywhere we have to be in tune to it. love this post and love the drawing:O)

  7. Nice to hear how things inspire you. I need a new sketchbook to work so I'm going to look for the one you mentioned. Love your work as always.


  8. Just charming,and so happy to know someone else hears that fluttering voice.

  9. fabulous page, thank you for the inspirational story.

    I love your blog & have passed on an award to you in my recent post

    If you wish to pass the award onto blogs you love it's very easy, just copy and paste the image and follow the three conditions in the top of my post.

    Thanks for being fabulous, much love Jenny

  10. I'm so glad you listened and paid attention to those little flutters because now we get to enjoy this beautiful journal page. She has such a wistful look about her.

  11. Sharon, this is gorgeous, there is a wonderful depth of feeling and i love how you honored your inner voices.

  12. Very nice and very inspirational! Thankyou~

  13. I love the colors and all the pretty little details in this!

  14. All of your work is so beautiful and so inspiring. I love it all. xoxo

  15. Soft like a butterfly wing - inspiration alights, sometimes you have to pay extra special attention to what it is telling you - wonderful wonderful.

  16. I have had to come back a few times to llook at this face! Your art is just getting better Sharon!

  17. I meant to say better and better and better!

  18. She reminded me of the girl in "My Sisters Keeper" a very good movie.
    You know that I love all that you do...Big Hugs, Mary

  19. I have just chanced by here and find it a beautiful place to be. I really like the work that you are doing here. penny

  20. A wonderful story of inspiration.
    As always your paintings are an inspiration to me.

  21. I got really excited when I read this post. I have done this some but I thought I was just being, well, random, in my thinking. It was validating to hear an artists of your caliber doing this kind of selection process.


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