Wednesday, May 17, 2006

BOD Images Not Ready

Book of Dreams assignment last Wednesday was "Images" and different ways of transferring images to our book of dreams. Coincidentally, I had "images" all planned for my next page spread. I had the images (some of them below) printed and a general plan of how I would use them on the pages. Had to rethink it all after getting the assignment.

I had been wanting to do some image transfers so I just thought I would adapt my plan for the page. I read up on transferring images with all the wonderful links ArtsyMama provided. Also, I just happen to have a borrowed copy of Somerset Workshop. It has a whole section of "Photo Transfers" by Olivia Thomas. I read and studied the section all the way to son's house for Mother's Day.

Here is the problem. I live in a small rural town and if "Wally's World" doesn't have the supplies needed, well, we wait for another trip to the big city. I was missing one thing in my well stocked studio for each of the transfer methods. So I waited.

Finally, made a trip to the big city and bought a box of Transparency Film. That was the method I wanted to try first. So I did. The image above was a trial. I didn't really like it but thought I would do better on real one. .....................Wrong!
It turned out even worse. I'm pretty sure the problem is that I am trying to transfer to a piece of paper that is not glued down yet in my book.

This is just another scan of the transparency laying over the sheet of music. I'm going to figure this challenge out and will post it when I do. In the meantime, I'm going to try some of the other methods. Sometimes, I just have to put it down. Wake up in the middle of the night......after solving it in My Dreams.


  1. Hi norah.
    I really love the transperency you have made with all the cute baseball pictures on it. ;-)
    If you are going to attach the transparency on to your page you can either use doublesided tape that doesnt show too much trough the film, and then hide the glued spots with something on the top of the transparency.
    Or you can sew it on using a sewingmachine, or handstiches.
    I often use gluedots. The new opnes for use on transparency and vellum..
    Hope you will succeed.
    And thanks alot for your nice comments on my blog.
    PS hope you'll understand my explanation even is my english is pretty rusty. ;-)

  2. Thank you Gudrun, I have some glue dots that I have never used. I don't know if they are for transparency and vellum...oh I hope so because that seems like it would be my best option. I like the sewing too and the double sided tape and will keep that in mind for the next time. Thanks for you help. I love your art.