Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Notes to Self.....Metal

OK, this week the BOD assignment is to use Metal on a page. I haven't done that so this again will be a new adventure. It is so frustrating to sit here at my desk and think about what I will do and can't just go do it. This is when the stuff is swirling in my mind. So I will make my self some notes:
(1) Retrieve the old keys that I ran across in a jewelry box just last weekend. I put them back in the box even thou I knew they would not unlock anything I they will unlock creativity...maybe.
(2) Hang onto the two little wires that I pulled out of a piece of wired ribbon Monday night. I knew there would be some use for it even thou I have a whole spool of wire that is maybe a little different gauge.
(3) Gather up the little silver gum wrappers off the dining table that Tim saved for me at my request. I didn't know why at the time......stop here and chew a piece of gum that a rep just left.......but they might be classified at "metal".
(4) Check to see if the roll of foil tape that son gave me for one of his projects is what Artsymama is referring to in the tutorial. In any case, I'm sure it will work.
(5) Gather up all the various gold doing stuff with gold paint.
(6) I don't have any liver of sulfur but I do have some sort of chemical that is used to patina copper foil.....stained glass projects.......
(7) Yes copper foil. That will work.
(8) Just happen to have borrowed copy of Claudine Hellmuth's Collage Discovery Workshop...and it is here at the office. I will study that later today. (My friend that I mailed the jar of is her copy and she knew I would need it)
(9) Look through Big Mama's button box for old metal buttons. Memory is telling me there are some there.
(10) Try the petroluem jelly trick with my new rubber stamp.
(11) Continue dreaming for Karen Michel's The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery. That will be my next purchase.
(12) Look in the box of mini picture frames. Might be a metal one. Might work ???
(13) Look again in the top right drawer for anything metal...add it to the stuff.
(14) Get drimmel tool out and try drilling little hole in the little metal words that recently purchased at Wally's world. This is the page for them.

Now, when I go home and drag all of this out, I will be ready to create a dream page. In the meantime, I will just day dream about it here.

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  1. Gosh I LOVE that you collected all your mental notes and posted them in one place. I SO need to do that! There is ALWAYS a sea of ideas floating in my head and then when I get time to sit and play, POOF! they're gone!