Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Evening at my House

Went chasing a butterfly again this evening. It was too shy and elusive. I did stop to get a picture of this beautiful rambling rose, Mermaid. Very thorny but beautiful creamy yellow.

And Tim took me over to the pasture on the 4-wheeler to get a pic of a beautiful sunflower that reseeded from last year. That was after we went to the barn to see the baby chicks and get a piece of screen wire for the Book of Dreams "metal" page. Tim is helping me with that design.
We picked parsley and a sweet banana pepper from the garden to go with supper. Sorry, top secret recipe, can't be shared. All I can say is that they all love it and it is quick for Friday night when I want to get to the ART that is screaming in my head....Oh, did I say screaming, I meant dreaming.

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