Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Book of Dreams...Layers

Inside front cover...
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I have done a few layers and another pocket page. For the page on the right and the bookmark tag, I used a photo of one of my own garden spots. The text on the right was a stamp and it reads: "Dream of smile-filled mornings that last all day." Thank you Susan for the loan of this little stamp.

Bookmark Tag
I got this idea of putting a bookmark in the front pocket from Christi Snow over at Altered Ambitions.
Thanks Christi, very clever.
My bookmark reads......
"But I being poor, have only my dreams: I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." I found this on the net and it was written by W.B. Yeats and Irish poet.
For the record, I love layers and pockets. I will be doing a lot of them.

Dream for Miracles
Here is our miracle baby, Ryan Michael. This was my first page for the "layering" challenge. I love the layers and even though I have done lots of scrapbook pages, layers did not come natural to me. I'm having so much fun and thanks to ArtsyMama, I'm learning so much.
I still plan a little journaling on this page and yes, Dreams Do Come True and Miracles Can Happen. I will feature that on my next page. It's swirling in my head and I'm just waiting for today's tutorial mission form ArtsyMama. Can't wait.


  1. Your book of dreams is adorable. Love it...

  2. your book of dreams work is awesome!

  3. Love these pages. GREAT work...absolutely wonderful:) Love all the green...so lush! Your "miracle" page is so touching. Glad you're really enjoying this!

  4. thanks for visiting my blog! Your BOD is coming along nicely!...I love the cover and your layouts...

  5. Norah, your page is looking soooo gorgeous! I can't wait til i have time to dig back into mine...next week! Loving the inspiration here!