Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Book of Dreams Title Page

Here is the title page again in it's unaltered state. I posted it on May 3rd but wanted to include here again for a closer comparison to the........................
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Altered Page

Lots of fun with this. I was challenged to leave all the original text and illustration showing because it is so cool. And one of ArtsyMama's suggestions was to try a "layer of glaze". Sometimes you never know what will spark inspiration. With this page, just at some exact moment, I looked at the little hexagonal tiles at the bottom of the page and it made me think of a puzzle. Don't ask me why. My brain just bounces that way sometimes. Going with it one step at a time, after tracing around puzzle pieces and adding the glaze, I found myself digging for little black and white pictures that would fit. My little "dream" says:

I dream for you all the puzzles that life brings.

I dream you can dream.

I dream you will dream.

That's just to say that I think solutions in life come from dreaming.


  1. wow! I love the way you incorporated the original page into your design, those illustrations are to cute to cover up!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog & your comments .To answer your question, the lettering on the pocket is alpha stickers (doodlebug 'just my type')


  2. LOL, oops, sorry to answer a question you didn't ask...that's what i get trying to multi-task, LOL :)

  3. Oh you clever clever girl! This is WONDERFUL! Great work!

  4. This is fantastic! I love the way that you altered it, but still kept the original illustration intact. Great the puzzle pieces!