Sunday, May 28, 2006

Book of Dreams.......Metal

My Book of Dreams page for week 5 is complete. I really had fun with this; although, this was way outside my comfort zone. Tim helped plan the page and suggested that I use leather which really looks great on the page with all the metal. Various metals that I used: copper, eyelets, brads, copper wire, copper foil and various gold paint and ink.
I almost forgot about the window screen wire that I used for the pocket. My motto is use what you've got on hand. So I happen to have some old window screens down at the barn and that is what I used. It was a little too stiff to make the pocket that I first planned. But this turned out great. So......If you don't have any mesh.....Just dream out the window. Anything can be "altered".
The copper foil doesn't show well in the photo but it is the right and bottom border around the photo that goes off the top of the page and across the spread landing under the bottom tag. Using a little embossing tool, I rolled a design onto the copper foil and then inked it. It doesn't show real well but good enough. Notice the initials, "T.J." along the bottom of the page. This was done with the rubber stamp that Tim carved and is carving in the photo.

Front of Tags

Back of Tags

The middle Tag front says, "Hands of a dreamer". The back says, "It takes one to know one and I know Timothy is a dreamer. His dreams will take him far."
I dream for you
I dream you can dream
I dream you will dream


  1. Very, very cool! I love what you've done here. FANTASTIC!!! Wow:) Love the leather too!

  2. This is very creative.
    I luv the designs.
    Thank you for visiting me.

  3. These look so great! There's so much to drink in :)

  4. Hi again...

    No, I didn't realize where the inspiration came from for your stamp design. How wonderful! It's neat how the creative spirit can keep travelling from person to person :)

  5. Very neat Metal pages. I love the Urban-Chic feel of them.

  6. Great and impressive page!