Friday, May 19, 2006

Book of Dreams......Images

Finally, I finished my Images page. As you can see from earlier post, I had trouble transferring with transparency. So I decided to use the transparency on the page because I like the look so much. I went back to the program I use for images and layered a page with the sheet music, then the edited photos, then layered the text in white so it would be clear. I printed the transparency and attached it to the page with glue dots around the edge. The page has a layer of watercolor crayons and just under the images there is a layer of white acrylic. I'm very happy with the page spread. I would say this spread has Tags, Layers, and Images. That ArtsyMama is so clever to take us down this road to altering books. So fun!

click on pictures to enlarge
Dream for Miracles Tags Front and Back

OK, that's it. I have Windows, Doors, and Niches swirling in my head. I should have time this weekend to play with that. Here's day dreaming you do too.


  1. Wow! I am so impressed with how you used your transparency! Very clever. I like how you tied the music in, too. How inspiring :)

  2. Halo! Thanks so much for visiting & leaving your nice message on my blog!

    I ab~soul~utely adore your art! so dreamy! love the blues

    I have you blogmarked so will be visiting again to check out more of your lovely art!!!

    xo ~Izabella
    p.s was that you & your family on the quad?!

  3. Love all your beautiful work. Great work with the transparencies. Love the colors...everything. Just lovely:)

  4. Your pages are SO beautyful!
    Love the layered look! :-)