Saturday, August 05, 2006

Following My Impulse in Black and White

I am really having a blast working with tissue. Look at this great supply that I found yesterday at one of the dollar stores. Cheap. It doesn't say it is acid free so I don't know about using it with scrapbooking but I'm OK with it in altered books and cards. It works well in my HeART Journal because it doesn't add bulk and I am trying to keep this one unchunky.
So my starting inspiration today was Black and White. I don't know where that came from and I had no other inspiration but I wanted to follow it because I really am a color person and I need to get out of the box sometimes.
I immediately reached for my new assorted silver tissue. Ummm...yes that will pass for black and white. Notice that I glue the whole sheet on and then tear it off at the edges. I like the way the edge looks. I'm really struggling at this point about what to do so I think to photo the process. That's fun.
I've added more layers of tissue paper. I have had another inspiration...Words. You know, what's black and white and read all over. Flash back...kid joke. Well glory bee! Words on some of my new tissue.
Fun words! This is about how I "HeART" going to sleep with the TV on. See? It says sleepy, quiet, happy. It says grumpy too and that is what happens when I can't have the TV on to go to sleep.
Yes, I'm using words...but how?
Piddling and fiddling....make a tag. Want to us my diamond stamp. Love the flowers on it and love that it makes a black diamond. Tags? Maybe I should make some tags. When stumped I always occupy myself making something that I think I might use.
No space on the work counter so I get off my stool and use it as a table. I do that a lot. As a matter of fact I work standing up most of the time. OK, I'm getting sidetracked here just like I did....Hey, forget the tags. I like the holes. Yes. TV. Hey, lace...(a long time ago, I might have) I used it earlier on another page. I moved it around and couldn't make it work anywhere other than following the angle of the tissue design. I have some really cool feather stamps. I want to use. I play a while trying them. Doesn't work.
The page needs more solid black. It needs Hearts. Black hearts. Write on the hearts. Look at my list of things I HeART. OK, walking in the rain, collecting seeds and of course Wheat Chex. It doesn't have to make sense. I'm playing.
So here is the finished page. My first impulse was to line the three big hearts up. I didn't. Also, notice the ends of the black lace. I used the heat tool to speed up the glue drying and when I noticed the ends beginning to shrink and melt, I liked it, so I didn't cut it off. Ummm that lime green or pop of red???
Good night.


  1. Tissue paper is one of my favorite paper to work with. It seems to just melt into the paper you adhere it to...I love that. Your Heart Journal is coming along great. Have to find some time to work on mine again. I have a few ideas for it swimming in my head.

  2. LOL! I love watching your process...simply gorgeous page again!!! Gonna have to try out that tissue paper! LOVING the journal!

  3. Thank you guys, I just love you in my audiance.

  4. So many new and beautifull things since my last visit!:-)

  5. So fun when you share the process of making! thanks. And I like your new supplies, great to get more fun papers, right? I also like your cards and latest heart-spread - soooo beautiful!