Thursday, August 03, 2006

HeART Journal

My new page in my HeART Journal is about treehouses, digging in the dirt and watching chickens. I have chickens and they give us eggs and I love watching them do their thing. They put on a very funny show digging and scratching in the dirt, something I love to do as well.

All of the collage on this page is tissue paper, pattern tissue and postage stamps. This tissue tree was a practice run for another secret project that I have in the works. I'm pleased.

Hey, somebody....tell me what you HeART.


  1. I *heart* these pages!.....
    ...redwork, blogging, pistachio ice cream, crafting, wrapping presents, lilacs :)

  2. Lilli, I love your list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Secret??? Hmmm....sounds intriguing!!! Can't wait!

    I HeART my "space!" Seems lately, I am afforded lots of time to think, create, and be with my thoughts. I love that about my life right now.

  4. I love your page Norah.
    I 'heart' being able to dip in a little of everything as I please and like Michelle I love my space, which seems to fill up far too quickly with one thing and another.


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