Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I HeART Fun Socks

Another page in my HeART Journal. After the black and white page I just had to do RED. This was a quick one...I think. Maybe not the best but it was an exercise in printing on tissue paper. Remember the fun tissue paper in my last post. I used freezer paper as a carrier for the tissue and printed the sock picture on it. The sock picture is my girls' feet at a Christmas some years back. The process worked great. Wait! I take that back. The first time through the printer it jammed. Then I had a bit of trouble getting the tissue off of the freezer paper. I never know what results I will get printing on anything other than paper so I was a little disappointed with the picture. No problem. I just altered it with gold pen. Also altered the tissue paper with a black pen. The red background is red tissue stamped with gold.


  1. Hi Norah, you have just reminded me of printing on tissue. I did manage a fairly pleasing one after a lost of angst with my old printer with black stripes spoiling everything, but now I have a new printer and will have another go. This one is fun.

  2. superb pages! Love that red and the idea of tissue paper! Something that I have been meaning to try...you've inspired me!

  3. Hi Norah,
    Love the colors on these pages! Love the socks. Have an amazing weekend.


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