Monday, August 28, 2006

HeArt Journal and Creative Prompt

Michelle didn't know she was giving me a "creative prompt" when she posted this picture Sunday, August 20th. I just really like the reflections from outside her window onto her red wall. I also really liked the turquoise and red combo. The beautiful red skeleton leaf and the little turquoise square was in the ephemera swap that we did. My friend Susan brought me the heart-shaped oak leaf. She found it on her car and thought of me.
More later,


  1. VERY cool! Love your interpretation of the wall! And seeing it on your blog was kind of like seeing it on TV!!! Just looks different than when it was on my blog! :-)

    PS...LOVE the new picture of you!!! :-)

  2. Fantastic!!! Love getting creative prompts like that and it resulted in a gorgeous entry!!!! smiles...


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