Saturday, August 19, 2006

Reflections and Layers

I am absolutely frayed. Whatever that is. My head and stomach is swirling in the best awful way. I am in some kind of overload. Nothing is going well today. Everything I try fails. I shall get a grip and Chill.

I won't even try to tell or show the things I have tried. I will just tell why there is swirling in the pit of my stomach. This type of anxiety is new to me this year and I have noticed it comes on when bouncing from blog to blog and finding the most incredible inspiration and it feels like it is going to burst me wide open like a water balloon that is filled and stretched until the color is faded and then ... bang!

That's it, True Colors A palette of Collaborative Art Journals, a Somerset Studio Publication. Thursday my friend, Susan invited me to borrow her copy of True Colors and Transparent Art for weekend reading. I started looking at True Colors Thursday evening and knew immediately that I couldn't just look at the pictures as I usually do most magazines. I had to read every word and then I tried to devour the photographs of each artist work as fast as I could because I felt compelled to hurry to the next page. I knew there was more and more and more. But I didn't even dare thumb the pages for a little glimpse. I didn't want to ruin the surprise as I turned each page and I couldn't let it get out of context. As I have just discovered art journaling this year I kept thinking who has been hiding this from me. Why am I just now seeing this wonderful book. And why am I just now discovering this wonderful art form. These artist started this project five years ago! Five years of my life have been wasted without seeing this and doing this. Yes I have seen it mentioned in blogs and I knew it had to be a wonderful publication but I never fathomed anything could make such an impression on me. I thought about how each of them open the treasure every couple of weeks to find a bit of art growing with time. And how they must have wondered how their treasure would be when it returned to them finished.

I haven't even dared peek inside Transparent Art. Oh yes I want to and I'm going to but this swirling has got to stop before I do. And to calm me I will try again some of the earlier failures of the day.


  1. oooh, I haven't seen either one of these irl yet...sounds like I need to search them out... smiles!

  2. This post haunts me! I am the same way. There's so much out there! What else am I missing? I wish I could do art 100% of my time to find my capacity, my potential!!!! I know there's more than in me than I have time for! But then I become overloaded if I try to quicken the pace! I must always allow myself time to absorb!!! You rule Sharon for articulating this phenomenon!

  3. I know what you mean. I have had True Colors at my bedside for years now. It's my #1 stop for inspiration. I pour over it again and again (and again and again)..


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