Tuesday, August 22, 2006

HeArt Journal and Creative Prompt

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I don't know if anyone likes to hear "the rest of the story" about my HeART Journal pages but well I guess I like to tell it. Christi Snow gave a creative prompt a few days ago. Sorry, it was a really cool picture and I liked a lot about it but it just didn't prompt me.

Now I'm getting down to the nitty gritty of my journal and have only five or six pages left so I'm thinking I will include more from my list on the next page or pages. Then in this post Christi showed what she did with the creative prompt and since it had been several days she repeated the lovely picture. BINGO! I was prompted, inspired and knew exactly what to take from it. Home I went. Grabbed a piece of yellow tissue and covered the spread. Did my thing with a little Lumiere paints and ummm NO. Turned the page and picked up a piece of floral tissue that my friend Susan had given me. I knew this page was going to be real angular and really needed floral to soften it. And besides that, I have to do flowers! Oh, before I left the office, I printed the words and photo-copied them so I could try a packing tape transfer. I have tried it before but then didn't want to use it because I didn't like the glossy look. This layout would be perfect for the glossy look. So my boxes are not perfect perspective. Who cares?

Now about the three little butterfly transfers on the boxes. I did a favor for a friend that is about to be a new grandmother. I'm ashamed that I really wasn't in the mood to make the beautiful little bassinet skirt but I did. She rewarded me with this beautifully tarnished sterling silver butterfly pin. The first thing I did was put it on my shoulder and then when I went home I got the camera out and took pictures of it using an old document for the background. It has already found it's way in my journal on Ashley's forehead. So I went to bed pleased but knowing it wasn't finished and not knowing what more to do.

This morning I got up and went straight to the studio to pack my to go ART bag. I guess in my sleep I thought to do a little cluster of tags so I grabbed a few of those. I only had two sizes. I had been wanting a little turquoise for another page that is coming up next. And realized that was the color I needed for these tags. Well HELLO, there it was my little bottles of Lumiere. Pearl Turquoise would be perfect for both pages. Off I went but I gotta tell you I went back to grab a little butterfly punch.

Then before I had a chance to play ART at my desk, the mailgirl came. My e-friend and I exchanged some "real stuff" and ephemera and OMG how blessed I am to have this new friend. She sent me the beautiful Italia postage stamp that holds my cluster of tags. The large tag at the bottom was in her pack and a sheet of music that I tore a little snippet of for the tag. There was also a piece of orange paper that I used to punch the little butterfly.

Inspiration is all around you. My friends inspire me and I am blessed. I didn't mean to go on and on but I guess you don't have to read. Make time for ART.


  1. A lovely post Sharon. YOU bring these elements together so wonderfully! I, too, feel blessed to know you. My connection with you has helped me through probably one of the roughest patches of my life. I am NOW inspired to work with a happy heart on my HeART Journal now. BTW, LOVE how you did the butterflies! SO elegant!

  2. Norah! Wow, wow, WOW!!! Look at that gorgeous work that you created with that prompt! I am in awe!!!! And please continue posting how your art process works...I love to read that!!

    Rhonna is starting a new creative challenge and her first challenge is to do a technique that you have never tried before. I hope to use tissue paper as mine because I am so inspired by what you do with it. I hope to get it done today!


  3. I loved your blog! You are so very talented!! I am glad Teri shared your blog addy with me! I am saving to favs!!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog & sending your sweet message!!

    Love love love your art!! so inspiring!!

    off to go read some more of your writings~

    xoxo!! ~Izabella