Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Day

Of My Three Day Weekend

I'm just checking in before I get back to my new sisters that I started this morning bright and early. I actually like to work on 4 at a time but this time 3 was good. I had to stop and do some not art stuff. And I also managed to get some new items listed at my little Etsy store. Through the weekend I will stop and do that and will list these when I finish them. You know I will come and show you first though.

Hey, I thought to tell you that since I have been painting at my new desk, I have been using an old worn out towel under my work. I really like it better than what ever else I have tried. It doesn't move around and I love having it there to blot my brush on. It keeps me from blotting on my chest or leg or sleeve or...



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