Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This is on my desk calendar for this week. I find is very distracting because I would rather be at home painting.

It is Gypsy Woman with Baby, painted in 1919. Oil on Canvas by Amedeo Modigliani.

If you are inspired and feel like a challenge, how about this one.

Do you notice how it appears that Modigliani under painted the canvas with a blue and then when he painted the figure, he left some of that showing. I JUST WANT TO DO THAT.

So, that is what is on my mind. What's on yours?

That and all your comments which you know I love and thank you for. I have not made the blog rounds in the past few days but I'm working on it.

Enough for now,


  1. Now that is an interesting technique - very nice!

  2. I spent the better part of the last forty-five minutes getting distracted by your distraction. All I can say is... Thanks! Learned about post WWI Paris, Modigliani, Villon, and aquatints.

  3. Modigliani was a genius. You'll be doing that technique before too long, I'll bet.
    One of my favorite western painters does that - he paints the whole huge, gigantic canvas a bright tomato red, and then he paints over it, sometimes scraping off to the bottom layer of red. It is just striking! It's a wonderful technique, but I can't get it to work somehow. There must be a secret formula!


  4. Very cool!!! I do love his paintings but had never noticed this before, hmmmm what a challenge :))

  5. I love disecting the work of old masters. This is a wonderful painting! I underpaint sometimes but I fly by the seat of my pants, being self-taught. He obviously knew a lot about color harmony. I wish I could absorb his magic, his talent.
    I'm sure you'll do a great job when you decide to attempt this :)

  6. Wonderful technique. I fell in love with Modigliani during the early 70's and had a poster of a lady in red (can't recall title) on the wall until it was in tatters.


  7. Oh Boy! Something new to try. It's been a while since you threw a challenge at us. Thanks!

  8. I love Modigliani's work.....something so pure and simple about the faces. I'm also very 'taken' with people who paint faces in 'other' colors than skin tones...I find it interesting when people choose to do faces in greens, reds, or purples - really anything other than a flesh color - some people just do that sooo beautifully and I'm always curious as to what inspired them to go in that direction...and it also inspires me to do the same! * I’ve tried it a few times…can’t say that I was all that great at making the transition! Perhaps I’ll just try painting the canvas a color and painting on top of it…as done here!! That would be a good baby step….

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  10. I love that look too and have seen several gals on Ebay doing it with black under..but that black scares the heck out of me...

  11. Love Modigliani .... what a wonderful technique (thanks for bringing it to our attention). I think I will get my paints out on the weekend and have play.
    Did you see the movie about Modigliani starring Andy Garcia, it was very good.

    Very excited today... my gorgeous canvas arrived in the mail. Sharon it is WONDERFUL and I couldnt believe it was even better in the flesh.

  12. I saw his show in DC over a year ago,it was amazing! I was lucky that we got to stay in a hotel in Dupont Circle around the corner from the museum. My hubby had a confrence in DC and I went with him and toured so many museums and galleries all week. We are just an hours drive to DC but staying was fun to get to tour alot more than we usually do.