Sunday, May 04, 2008

My Monet Roses

My desk engagement calendar in 2003 was "Monet's Passion" The Gardens at Giverny with photographs by Elizabeth Murray. Three scans from the collection of photographs are below showing Monet's love of roses.

I do believe I have Monet's roses. I found mine abandoned on one of the back roads inside the city limits here in Marlin. I took a cutting to my mother in law who has the greenest thumb and can root anything.

I have found it in Antique Rose catalogues; but I call it My Monet Rose.
They only bloom for a short period but when they are in bloom they are spectacular....I think.

I hope you enjoy this bouquet. It's for you.


  1. Oh, thank you, I love roses! *^v^*

  2. Oh...they are lovely. Used to love to go over to Antq Rose Emporium by Brenham...have not been there in ages.

    Those are just them in your artwork too.


  3. Beautiful roses Sharon! Thank you for sharing them. Since my transplant, I can't touch roses anymore and I really miss having them in my yard. (The reason is, the thorns have certain bacteria that is harmful and my lack of immune system can't fight it.)
    Now I buy roses on my fabric's.

  4. They are spectacular. And so is your painting...

  5. Thank you Sharon for the roses, they are spectacular in your garden and in your art, just beautiful : )
    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  6. Lovely roses :-)
    I was working for a printing company when a Monet exhibiotn came to New Zealand and we printed the posters, books etc. Staff who wanted them got a poster each - Mum enjoyed that poster for years!

  7. Oh lovely.....They resemble dogwood blooms, too. Such a vibrant color.......and may I say your latest piece is soooooo flippin lovely.

    xo Rella

  8. They are gorgeous! I am falling in love with roses lately...I always hear how hard they are to grow, but some are so wild and strong and beautiful! I cant believe that all came from a roadside cutting! They are amazing!~

  9. Thank you for sharing your roses and beautiful painting! They are both incredibly sweet!

  10. Thank you for the Roses, I need them. I love these pictures you took, I can almost smell the floweres.
    And the art is wonderful too.
    Have a great day, Mary

  11. What a sweet tale! If you ever get the chance to go to Giverney.....TAKE IT!!!! The gardens are breathtaking and the ponds more beautiful than you can imagine! Once again.....your work is so SPECIAL!!!!! Just love the new one:d Thanks for always being so generous with your talent!!!! Linda

  12. Fabulous roses and I so love how you incorporate those lovely finds in your garden in to your ART!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Sandy :)

  13. Ya gotta love roses. AND I love the new pieces. Funny how those birds can nest in the oddest places. Thankfully, they keep coming back to our yard so I have amassed a collection of nests. Now if only I can get those humming birds to come around (sigh). Happy Tuesday!

  14. These are lovely, do they smell nice?
    I have a love-hate relationship with roses.
    I think the simpler the better in any case, but I can't be dealing with thorns! I must confess to having uprooted a few native roses planted by the previous owners of our house . Imagine 50 thorns in all directions to each inch of stem!!! I'll take a picture of the neighbour's one if you would like to identify it.. and probably avoid it! :-D