Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gallery Update

Here is an update to this post where the Big Project started. The Gallery has been a huge success. Thank you again for all your wonderful comments to that post. I had no idea that it would be so well received. I had more comments on that post than any other. (hey I still read them over and over) Notice that the gallery is nearly empty. Thank you gallery shoppers. The little block place holders are nice but I wanted a way to show my prints and fill some of these spots. So here is what I did.

I think you will like my remedy too.

You recognize this acrylic box frame.

On the back of the insert that holds the print in place, I cut out a square that is a little bigger than the block place holders.

Then I folded the flap in and glued in place.

So here is the gallery wall with some prints on display.

I didn't like the white edges of the inserts.
So I took them outside, stacked them up and spray painted the edges black.
A quick 5 minute fix.

Looks better, yes?


Do you recognize this print? It is the cover to a gift journal I made last year. I'm thinking of offering it as a print in my shop.
If you click on the photo, it should take you to the set of photos from this journal in flicker.
Did you make a gallery wall at your studio yet?
I hope so.
Enough for now,


  1. I'm not surprised one bit that your walls are getting empty. Your work is so wonderful.

  2. Herre, here! I'm working on painting things to hang in my your hanging system! So simple, so cute.

  3. Sharon that looks great. What a wonderful quick fix on the edges.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments

  4. I love the prints that way. They look great! I am not surprised your wall was getting empty. You're awesome.


  5. I am impressed! This is one more in the list of creative ideas you have. It looks great!

  6. I Love this idea gallery wall yet- but one day soon I hope!

  7. Great idea! I love your artwork anyway, but seeing them displayed on the gallery wall like that is breathtaking!-Shonna

  8. No more room on my studio walls! And I just bought two more paintings. And I want to hang my new Monopoly art....sigh.
    Cool tip on fixing the edges.

  9. I love quick fixes...that is a great one!* Spray paint can just about FIX anything! The gallery pieces look fabulous and I like the framed art as well - so professional looking:) * Yes, definitely offer that piece for a print..I bet it would sell well!
    Always enjoy your site!

  10. still loving this, such a fantastic idea for wonderful art :))

    Whenever our house is finished being built im certainly adding a gallery to my art studio!!!!

  11. Happy things are flying out of the gallery and that you have come up with a clever way of displaying more.

    As you know, if I ever finish my current work it will be hanging on me not a wall, LOL!



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